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The Wrap Up

It took a while for us to round up all the swords and bag them, ensuring no one else would be able to claim them for themselves. Then Lakiya and Warrick worked together to drag them home. Jed carried me, and the Due-Weres limped behind us. We arrived at our house just before dawn.

As the Due-Weres took their wolf forms they chose a corner in the living room and curled up to get some much needed rest. Jed carried me to my room, and then went to find Marie to care for my wounds. She brought Narine with her. When they came in they were startled by the wolves, but Lakiya told them, “They’re friends, no need to fear.”

Warrick brought Marie to my room while Lakiya and Narine went to the kitchen. Narine took a cup of tea from Lakiya and sat at the table before asking, “What happened, why are there wolves in the living room, and who are you?”

“It’s a long story.” Lakiya informed her, “And it all starts with you giving birth to me in the woods.”

Narine gasped in shock and covered her mouth. Lakiya didn’t wait for a response she simply began telling the one who bore her all about her life with the Due-Weres, and how she had come to meet us. Narine listened intently as the daughter that destroyed her mind, and then brought peace to her soul, explained in great detail all that had happened. When it was all finished Narine gathered her daughter into her arms and whispered, “To think God used me to bring forth such an amazing being.”

Marie had finished caring for me, and my brother’s wounds and had walked into the kitchen to check on Lakiya when she heard her daughter’s words. She dropped her medical bag and asked, “Are you telling me that the destroyer of Were-Wolves is my Grandchild?”

“I am!” Narine proudly declared as she released Lakiya from her arms.

“I take it the boys told you about last night.” Lakiya surmised correctly.

Marie nodded her head as she crossed the room to embrace her Granddaughter for the first time.

A short while later they were headed back to their house, while the four of us got some sleep. We were woken up by a frantic pounding on our door in the late afternoon. Lakiya, being the closest to it, answered it. As she opened the door the Deputy barged in, almost running her over. “Have any of you seen the Sheriff today? He’s missing, and the wolves were howling again last night, I’m afraid they got him. Why wouldn’t he come to the full moon dances with everyone else? He knows just like the rest of us that it’s dangerous to be by yourself, at night, when the moon is full.”

Jed approached the hysterical Deputy, placed his hand calmly on his back and stated, “I’m afraid you’ll have to become the sheriff now.”

The deputy fell back against the wall, almost smashing Jed’s hand, if he hadn’t moved it so quickly. He looked between Jed, Warrick and Lakiya several times before asking, “What do you know?”

Warrick answered, “More than you’ll believe.”

“Call a town meeting, and we will explain everything to everyone all at once.” Jed said in a soothing voice, “That will be much easier than having to explain it over and over again.”

The deputy nodded his head slowly. Warrick opened the front door, and the Deputy started to walk out. As he crossed over the threshold he stopped to ask, “What should I say the meeting is for?”

Jed answered, “To discuss the future of our town.”

After the door closed the white elder male wolf rolled away from the other Due-Weres, stretched, and sat up in his human form as he stated, “That was close, good thing he didn’t bother looking this way, or he would have really flipped out.”

Warrick stopped Lakiya from turning her attention towards the living room as he reminded the man sitting on our floor, “At least wear your fur clothes.”

He looked around, shocked at his current form as he said, “It’s too early, I shouldn’t be able...”

Lakiya suggested, “Maybe you gained the ability by being part of my small army.”

Jed and Warrick raided their closets to have clothes for all the former Due-Weres to wear, so they could all come to the meeting with us. Once everyone was dressed Jed made a huge feast for everyone to eat. While we ate Warrick was asked to give the new Were-Mutts their Human name. He gave the elder white wolf the name Aldrich, because it means old wise leader. The elder black female got Vova because it means strong leader.

Warrick then looked at the four young ones and told them, “I hope you don’t mind, but after last night’s battle I think it is important to give you all names that refer to your strength.”

He then proceeded to name the three boys: Barloc, Donovan, and Harvey. The only young woman was named Hally.

Not one of the Were-Mutts objected to their new names.

About an hour before sunset the Deputy arrived, shocked to find so many visitors in our home. It took him a minute to remember he was there to get us for the town meeting we had called. “Everyone is waiting anxiously.” he informed us.

The eleven of us walked together to the town square. Well the others walked, my leg was still too bad for me to walk, so Jed gave me a piggy back ride. When we got there the Deputy took his seat, and the rest of us went up on the band stage.

Jed placed me gently on a chair, cleared his throat, and said, “I have always doubted the existence of Were-Wolves, because I could not believe that God had allowed something so evil to be created, with no one capable of defeating them to keep them in check. I have recently learned that not only did God allow the creation of Were-Wolves, he also created an opposite, Due-Weres, which are wolves that turn human with the full moon.”

At this point the crowd broke out in laughter, except for the few who already knew the truth. Jed tried to give them a moment to get it out of their systems. Warrick took over as he stated, “Only the Due-Weres didn’t know about the Were-Wolves, and only after one of their males impregnated a human did an adversary for the Were-Wolf truly emerge. The Sheriff is gone now, because he was a Were-Wolf, which if you think about it explains why he was the only one among us able to be by himself during the full moon cycle at night without getting himself hurt or killed.”

The crowd mumbled and grumbled to each other debating the validity of what they were told. After a few moments I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stood up and shouted, “My leg was bit by one of his Were-Wolf companions last night, but you don’t have to worry about me turning into a Were-Wolf, because I’m already a Were-Mutt.”

No one knew what to think of this term they were hearing for the first time, but as they stared at me in confusion I turned into the wolf pup before their very eyes. I stayed in that form for a bit, before returning to my human form while remembering to grab my pants to keep from having an embarrassing moment in front of the entire town.

“Why should we trust and not fear you?” Stan asked loudly as he stood up in a daring manner.

Jed shrugged his shoulders as he replied, “You can trust us, and we can spend the rest of our days protecting the town’s folk from any further harm from Were-Wolves, or you can decide not to trust us and we can leave. Then you can hope that another like the Sheriff doesn’t arrive to take his place.”

I stare into the crowd looking among the faces before I say, “As you can tell by my presence here the town decided to trust us, and we have protected the town, and its visitors, ever since. Also in case you are wondering Stan married Hally, finally having a a Were-Creature who was as interested in him as he was in them. Lakiya and Warrick went on a long trip to inform the other Due-Weres of everything they had learned, taking the two Elders with them, and leaving Jed and I to run things here”

The sky is gray, with the full moon on edge of appearing in the sky as some of the crowd claps and cheers for the end of the story, as the Humans commonly do. My Grandson stands up and announces, “If you are Human I strongly suggest you leave the square and head for safety as quickly as possible!”

Most of them laugh figuring this is simply part of the show, but a man in or around his 40′s stands up, and with a growl in his voice he says, “Nice try old man, but you took to long to tell your tale, and the weak creatures will pay the price right along side you and your kin.”

It was dangerous to have timed the story so close, but we had planned for this, placing Were-Mutts around the Humans to protect them, so they might survive and understand just how crazy and complicated this world really is. As the hundred or so Were-Wolves in the crowd change into their more beastly selves us Were-Mutts pull our swords out of hiding and bring forth the wolf side just as we did that night. I can see Lakiya and Warrick among the crowd, hardly looking in their twenties. (It never ceases to amaze me that they are the only ones among us that don’t age normally) My Grandson bring his wolf components up and comes to my side. We are ready for our largest slaughter yet.

The Were-Wolf in front of me declares, “Prepare to die!”

I say, “Back at you!” and swing my sword at the lunging beast.

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