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I'm a girl that was raised in a lab but when I was 16 I got to live in a house and go to school. There's an issue though I have powers that other supernatural beings try to steal from me.

Fantasy / Thriller
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The prolong

I was never normal. I don't have parents. I don't have friends. I was special. One of a kind you might say. Which is true there's no one like me. I was created to be different and unique. I'm not even fully human.

I've been trapped in a lab. In a pearly white room and on a pearly white bed. I have an IV in my right arm. That's what's keeping me asleep. The only time I'm up is too eat and exercise . Only a few doctors know about me which is why I never leave the room. I remember like it was yesterday that I was finally free or at least I thought I was.

One night while I was walking around in my room. A nurse with red hair and freckles on her face came in to check my vitals.

"Hey nurse Abby!" I said

"Hey Joann!how are you feeling today?"

Before I could respond she pricked my finger to get a drop of blood for the power reader. The doctors teamed up with some scientists to make a device that would track my power. It works the same way as if your checking your blood sugar.
It took longer than it usually does to take a reading. When I heard the beep my stomach dropped cause I knew something was wrong. I didn't need the look on Abby's face to tell me otherwise.
She quickly ran out the room. I put my ear on the wall. I could hear footsteps and chitter chatter but I could hear someone in distress. I think it's Abby.
"she can't be contained here anymore! She needs a family that will help her!" Abby yelled

"it's not time yet!" an unknown voice said

"Doctor! Her powers are growing! You know better than me that it's not safe for her anymore"

The unknown voice sighed

"I already found a family that would take her in"

Then silence for a few moments.

"Get her ready" the unknown voice said

I quickly ran to my bed. Abby came in with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" I asked

"I'm not crying it's tears of joy" she said

She sniffled

"Now Joann it's time to lay down"

She gently laid me down and put the blanket on me. She put something in my IV then my eyes started to feel heavy. I couldn't keep them open so I closed my eyes.

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