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The Pack Slut

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After a minor mistake, Imogen, AKA Ginny, goes from being the respected daughter of the Beta of the Paxon pack to being reviled as ‘the Pack Slut’. Although she is the true mate to the next Alpha of her pack, Nate, he has made it very clear to her that he doesn’t plan to make her his Luna. So Imogen contents herself with being Nate’s ‘booty call’ and accepts his and the pack’s disrespect and mistreatment until she meets Thomas Quinn. Surprisingly, Thomas sees HER, really sees through the slutty façade she hides behind for fear of revealing her destructive secrets. He also offers a way out of her miserable life in the Paxon pack. But then Nate discovers Imogen’s secrets. Now Imogen has to make a choice: leave for the unknown with Thomas, or stay and try to become the Paxon pack Luna? Meanwhile, ominous dark clouds loom in the world’s future as an evil sect masterminds a plan to resurrect a malevolent god that has been linked to Imogen by prophecy. The Pack Slut is the first young adult fated mates' shifter romance book in an exciting rejected mates standalone series: The Fae Omegas Series. Warning: This book contains varying degrees of the following: Verbal abuse, bullying, mentions of rape, and suicidal thoughts.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


“Ginny, wake up! Come on...you have to leave now.”

I was super sleepy and even though I could hear the urgency in my mate’s voice, I didn’t want to get up. I wanted to sleep more. “I don’t want to go. I want to sleep in my mate’s arms.”

Almost immediately, the hands that had been patting me awake stopped moving, and the body I was trying to cuddle into, which belonged to my mate, Nathan Paxon, stiffened.

My sleepiness faded as I realized I had said the wrong thing again. And I didn’t want to open my eyes because I knew that Nate was definitely mad at me again.

But I still had to open my eyes. When I did, I met Nate’s piercing green eyes, which were now a darker shade of green. I looked away from him to avoid the hard glint in his eyes, his clenched jaws, and the vein that stood out on his forehead.

“Get out! I’ve told you to stop calling me your mate. Just because I sleep with you doesn’t mean I ever plan to mate with you. Someone like you can never be the Luna of my pack.” He growled, trying his best to whisper, even though I knew he wanted to yell at me.

His words hurt, but I tried to pretend they didn’t. Adopting a nonchalant look that I was all too familiar with, I ignored his harsh tone, sat up, yawned, stretched my body, threw my legs off his bed, and walked off to the toilet to pee with no regard for my nudity. After all, as a werewolf, I had grown up with little to no modesty, even though I had never changed to my wolf form.

I watched as Nate wore his briefs and asked, “What’s the time?”

“It’s 3 am so you better get a move on it before my parents get up,” He replied as he picked up my clothes littered around the room and threw them at me.

I ignored his haste to get me out of his room and stepped into my dress, completely naked, because my underwear was torn and unusable.

“Stop treating me like a booty call... I’m your mate,” I muttered with an unhappy pout, as he flung my jacket at me.

“What did you say?” He asked, glaring at me with clenched jaws and daring me to repeat my words.

“Nothing,” I said as I shook my head and turned to walk out of his small apartment which was right behind the pack Alpha’s mansion where his parents, the Alpha and Luna of our pack, their guards, and some other pack members lived.

“Wait.” He said just as I turned the doorknob.

I turned to find him holding my torn lingerie in his hands.

“Don’t forget your stuff in my room again, Ginny, intentionally or not. It’s not like you can use them to mark my room anyway. You’re a scentless werewolf that has never shifted.” He paused, obviously to savor my hurt. “If your father wasn’t the beta of the pack, I’d think you were human.”

His last words made me flinch as I threw up my mental walls and pulled on my detached blank face. Turning away from him, I walked forward to snatch my torn lingerie from his hands and walked away.

Then I had to sneak out of the Alpha’s house.

It was frustrating that I had to do this every time I slept over at Nate’s. All because he didn’t want anyone to know he was sleeping with me, even though I was his one and only goddess-given true mate in the world.

I shook my head at the thought of how afraid he was of the pack finding out that I was his true mate.

However, I couldn’t blame him for rejecting me because he had a valid reason. What pack Alpha wanted a Luna notoriously known as ‘the pack slut’? None.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that I was the pack’s acknowledged slut, he had also seen those videos of me having sex with other guys.

Shaking off the memories that threatened to distract me, I successfully left the Alpha’s compound through a little groove in the fence close to Nate’s little apartment. Then I walked to the parking lot about two blocks away where I had parked my car. I got into the car and started driving without knowing my destination.

I couldn’t go back home because I knew my father would be there. So, I had to find a place to stay until it was time for school in the morning. And since I had no friends, I would have to sneak into a human’s house. I had done it many times, so it was no big deal.

I drove out of pack territory to the edge of the part of town occupied by humans and chose the closest house I could find that seemed unoccupied. I chose a quaint two-story building because I knew there would be an extra room for me to crash in without intruding on the houseowner’s personal space.

I snuck in and used my almost non-existent werewolf sense of smell to seek a room without a scent. I found one by the side of the staircase leading to the first floor.

After checking for and finding a bathroom in the unused room, I dropped my overnight bag on the floor, walked into the bathroom, and took a quick shower. After drying my hair with a towel until it was no longer dripping, I wrapped it up with another towel because it was still wet. Then I flopped onto the bed like a fish and allowed sleep to claim me, hoping I wouldn’t have nightmares.

After all, morning would probably bring another hellish day for me, and I needed to get all the sleep I could get.

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