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The Fae Kings Fallen Snow

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Snow whites traumatic past,leaves her on a dark path of destruction. With her enchanted mirror leading her deeper into the abyss of her hatred for men,and hunger of blood lust. When shes on the run for murder. She finds unexpected sanctuary with the one thing thing she loves to hate. But will it turn into something she hates to love?will this encounter melt her cold,vicious heart. Will two broken souls find solace within each other,wal at war with their enemies and with themselves. I slumped in the bathtub and moaned from the pure bliss it brought me. I closed my eyes thats when i felt his presence. I love it when you make those noises a husky voice whispered in my ear caressing it with his warm breath. Which made my body tingle with excitement. I gasped when i felt his tongue on my neck. His fingers caressing down my back until i felt his hand grab my hip. Within seconds our lips crash into a passionate hunger. I moaned into his mouth as our tongues collided in ecstacy. He lifts me out of the bathtub. My legs wraped around his waist. He pressed my body to the wall. I bring my nails down his back. When suddenly I felt warm liquid on my fingers,and felt something in my hands moving. I looked up to my horror to find a beating heart in my hand. Along with a bloody raw hole in his bleeding chest. I look into his blank dead eyes. I gasped when i jolted awake. T.W In Prologue Ch.

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Prologue and Copyright+(Trigger warning)


My soul is stained with sin and my hands drenched in blood. Nothing could quiet the darkness of the voices. Until I met him.

Snow white is not your typical innocent,sweet gentle princess. She’s something that even the nightmares fear and cower down to. Dark and twisted from trauma and betrayal. Has awoken something within her by a mysterious Source within an enchanted mirror. That has been her guide through life.

But when the darkness within her,results in murdering her betrothed. The future king of the neighboring kingdom she was arranged to marry. Along with the murder of 2 of his brothers,and the third one severely injured. Now on the run from her stepmother,newly crippled uncle,the trackers and their leader the huntsman. Snow white flees into the forest,deep within the fae territory. Where she finds a big beautiful Castle cottage. Where the Exiled fae King of the 7 fae kingdoms, Maverick resides. Along with his 6 companions the rulers of the other 6 fae kingdoms. Who are now plagued by a wicked curse, put upon them by Mavericks power crazed uncle’s mistress. Along with Maverick himself. They can not return to their kingdoms until they find their mates,and kill them or watch them die. What will happen when Maverick might have already found his mate? Will he let her live?and not save the 7 enslaved kingdoms,conquered by his evil uncle. Or will he have to sacrifice the one he loves,to save his family and the lives of his people. Will love conquer all and tame the blood lust and darkness within?Passions ignite, desires take over,Secrets revealed.

Copyright ©2022 Mystique Von Black.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner,except for the brief quotations in a book review

Trigger warning: This is not a sugar coated fairytale,this is a very dark twisted tale. Not for the faint of heart. This story will Contain.

Strong Sexual content, Violence,Strong language, Graphic content, Gore,Suicide,Childhood trauma,Sexual abuse and Rape,Slavery.

[Author's note]

Although the main character hooks up with more than one sex partner. This is not!a reverse harem. Her heart only belongs to one. But there may be other characters who are in a polygamous relationship. Your in for a bumpy crazy ride. Full of Scorching hot steam, love,loss,betrayal,shocking discoveries,twist and turns.

Readers beware happy reading!

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