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After her father's invention malfunctions and levels half the city in a massive explosion, Kieren is left to live in the shadow of his failure. After years of disgrace, she decides to change her luck by robbing one of the most guarded treasures, The Brass Binder. Secured on the world's largest air ship, the Birdcage. Along with her silent bodyguard she embarks on a journey to better her life and buy her way back into society. When things don't go according to plan, she finds her life infinitely more challenging. More desprit than ever she can only go forward into the fire. Dealing with demons form her past along the way, to redeeming her family name.

Fantasy / Scifi
Age Rating:

The Setting


Crackling fire swirls in a dull wind as moths dive to their deaths, captivated by the mesmerizing yellow glow that hypnotizes any to glare too deeply. Around this radiation pool of natural heat and life sits a gathering of the most unusual persons. A slender sprite of a girl adorned in clothes blacker than the night. A large beast of a man, tow normal men could fit between his shoulders alone. His arm made of steal that reflected the dancing flames back at itself. A robed traveler covered head to toe in trinkets and bobbles for trade. Several drifters fortunate enough to be graced with the salvation of warmth in an obis of cold black.

All eyes on our storyteller, her words were precise and captivating. She spoke of her tale with gusto and emphasis on her outstanding endeavor of robbing the most un robbable contraption that had ever been constructed. She held the unwavering attention off all that had gathered, even the untamable flames would turn to often listen.

Lean in now and hang with us on each word as we are regaled with impossible becoming possible.

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