Iron Manimal

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Chapter 15

Leon, Garbageman Mike and I sat at the bar. We had already recovered from our injuries but were still haggard and disheveled. Leon told the locals that we had had some problems with a new trick and car trouble to boot. He still managed to sound charming and engaged. Garbageman Mike and I were on autopilot.

“You don’t know that she’s gone.” said Leon.

“A part of me hopes that she is.”

“You don’t mean that. I didn’t give her enough credit, and neither are you. I admit that I was skeptical, but she came through when it counted.”

“Pulled our fat out of the fire is what she did.” said Garbageman Mike.

I wondered if she was really gone, what had changed her mind.

“I know that look.” said Garbageman Mike.

“I know it, too.” said Leon. “You can’t always worry about ‘why?’ or ‘what if?’ We’re alive. All is well.” Leon raised a glass. “To Lulu.”

We clinked glasses.

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