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Two Worlds Between Stars: the Seer

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The gateway soon opened up after Adilah's father grasped death. Thinking that saving the other world could save her father she walked into the gateway with her best friend but the journey would be harder than she thought.

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Nisha - Dark Elder
Status: Queen of Dark Lands
Powers: Controls the minds of other Remara, Dark magic, Can turn things to stone, has the power to erase memories, and disappear.
Appearance: Black hair with purple highlights, Black dress, dark make-up, tall boots, and chain.
Background: Second elder, second oldest. Was always kicked out of games by the other elders when they were young which caused her to turn bad. She found out about her powers from her mother who had died during childbirth. Her father was distant from her and she didn’t get much attention except the crows and creatures of the Dark Lands.

Crystala - Ice Elder
Status: Unknown. Last seen in a cave in the mountains.
Powers: Can control blizzards, created the Ice Lari, can turn things to ice, flies, and has the power to change her appearance.
Appearance: Changes every day. Normal and blue and white fluffy shawl, white hair with blue highlights, short dress and light blue tights covered in snowflakes, Boots. Background: First elder and the oldest. She loved to play with the other Elders and liked storytelling. Had a great imagination and loved to go outside and fly with the birds.

Tara - Nature Elder
Status: Unknown. Last seen in the forest with the centaurs.
Powers: Can grow plants and vines, shapeshift into anything she sees, and talks to animals. Appearance: Brown hair with small flowers woven into it, Green blouse and ripped jeans, green and white checkered vans, bracelets, most causal elder.
Background: Last elder and the youngest. Best friends with Fiare the fire elder. Was very gentle to everyone and was always in the forest helping things grow. Enjoyed pranking her friends by shapeshifting. Aenon - Water Elder
Status: King of the Sea Palaces (underwater)
Powers: Can swim efficiently fast, breathe and talk underwater, control water, could turn invisible.
Appearance: On land - blue and white swirled tux, long pants, and pointed shoes.
In water: Blue shirt and shorts, bare feet, blonde hair with subtle blue highlights, shell necklace.
Background: third elder in the middle. Had a crush on Crystala. Love playing in the lakes by his house and liked to splash people as a joke. Would use his invisibility to eavesdrop on his parent’s conversations. His dad left them when he was seven, Mom tried to make the best of it.

Fiare - Fire Elder
Status: Unknown. Last seen in his volcano chamber, probably still in contact with Tara.
Powers: Can control magma, hover, walk on lava with bare feet, heal people and other Remara, Can make potions.
Appearance: Red shorts with a black shirt and red coat covered in golden swirls, Ruffled brown and red hair, barefoot, a necklace made of coal.
Background: Best friends with Tara. fourth elder, second youngest. Liked to go into the forest with Tara and spook the animals and other inhabitants. Hated having to play with Nisha. Liked hanging out with the others, mostly Tara. Had a crush on Aenon and liked hanging out with him. Likes to make potions to heal people. Nice and friendly to pretty much everyone except Nisha.

Bolt - Sky Elder
Status: Unknown. Entered the human realm and never returned.
Powers: Can create natural disasters, conduct electricity, control the weather, change into different human forms, is able to light up.
Appearance: White shirt (Always wrinkled), Brown hair, light yellow coat with black cuffs and stitching, brown leather shoes, one ear pierced with a lightning bolt.

Background: Youngest elder. Is not a true-born elder. Half-human, half-Remarian. Didn’t have a lot of friends, grew up with a very short temper, and quickly figured out that his emotions controlled the weather. Was trained alongside Nisha and was the only one to ever defeat her in a battle. Sent to the human world to gather intel on wars. Fell in love with a mortal and never came back to Remaria. Has remained disguised as a human and has lost all contact with the other elders.

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