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The Lost

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What should I do? My father gave my hand way to a man that I nearly knew. He might be a prince but something is off. Is my father just trying to get rid of me? Did my mother really die of sickness? Was he trying to protect me?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The meeting

When did everything change? Why so fast? I was the only girl in my family and it was not a good thing. On my father’s side of the family. They had not had a girl in over 200 years. Which led many people to believe that I was born out of an affair but when the marquess did a paternity test it said that I was his daughter. That year when my mother had just become 23 she passed away in her sleep at least that is what they told me. I can’t remember I was only two when that happened. After my mom’s death, my dad started to act weird. I would rarely see him at all. When I was five he got remarried to this woman called Alexandra. She had two sons that were one year older than me. What shocked me was that both of her sons were my half-brothers. My dad had an affair with that woman and had gotten her pregnant with twins. I learned all of this when I was just nine from a maid that was talking about how horrible that needed to be for me and my mom who had passed away. Now I have just turned 17 and I am going to make my debut. Normally most girls my age would be nervous or excited but I am not. This is just a way to get power and to be able to be the head of my house. Also to find a fiancee. I am not very excited about the last part. Right now I am getting ready to meet my new sister. I changed into a long off-the-shoulder dark green dress. Then I put on black high heel ankle boots and put my hair in a high ponytail. I don’t like maids choosing what for me to wear and I don’t like the idea of someone changing me. I open the door of my room and then start to walk to the living room. When I get there my dad doesn’t look at me but my brothers do. They feel like the only family I have but they can get a little overprotective. I feel like my stepmother is not even there. I rarely ever see her. She is like my dad. When I look at the girl. I notice that she looks similar to my dad and my stepmother. She could pass as their daughter, which is what he most likely wants to do. I snapped back to reality when one of my brothers asked me if I was okay.¨Yeah I don´t worry Aaron¨I replied. Looking away from his gaze.¨If you say so sister¨Aaron says a bit worried. My dad looks at me and says ¨Avyanna would you like to say hi to your little sister¨. I looked at him in shock. He has not talked to me for five days and has not called me daughter since I was four. Then he just calls a girl that he bought two days ago my sister. In a way I feel like he is already looking at her like his daughter.¨ Avyanna are you okay¨ Alexandra says while looking at me. I snap back and then start to walk toward the girl.¨ Welcome to your new home¨I say trying to sound happy. My two brothers look like they notice that I was trying to sound happy but at least my stepmother and dad did not notice they never do. The girl hugs me and I feel everyone’s eyes on me. I froze for a second and then hugged the girl. The girl looked at me and said¨My name is Charlotte¨. I looked at my dad who came to me and told me¨Give her a name¨ in the coldest tone I have ever heard. I start shaking and I think the girl named Charlotte notices. She looks at me then I say ¨Charlotte will be your old name from now on your name will be Aria undrestan¨. The girl looked at me puzzled and I looked at her with a bit of sorrow. I feel bad for her. She mostly was happy that she was adopted by high-ranking people.She mostly thought that it would end like a fairytale.I can’t say anything because I thought the same way when my stepmother came.I thought that when they got married we would become a happy family.I was too naive at that time.But now I am not and never will be that naive to think that we will be or can be a happy family.I look at the girl.I patted her head and said¨ I will show you to your new room¨.My brothers look at me with shock.I took the little girl’s hand and took her out of the room.The girl seems shocked by my actions.I led the girl to her new room.She looks around the room.She seems happy I think she forgot I was here.She looks at me and hugs me then says¨Thank you¨.She was smiling while saying those words.I looked at her and gave her a little smile then I said¨I have to leave Aria¨.I walked out of the room and walked back to my room.I throw myself on my bed.I take my stuff bear and lay down on my bed.I cover myself with my blanket and hug my stuffed bear then fell asleep.The next morning I sit up on my bed.Then I see three maids enter.¨Why are all of you here¨I asked, looking at all of them.Some of them looked at me with shock and others were annoyed.One of the maids coldly said¨Your fiance is coming¨.I looked at them with no emotion.¨ And there’s no reason for all of you to be here you can all leave¨I said a bit annoyed.They all leave my room.I stand up from my bed and walk to my closet.I open my closet and picked out some clothing.I put on a dark gray-green tulle off-shoulder long dress with an ankle strap and dark gray closed-toe heels.I open the door to my room then I see my dad there.It looked like he was waiting for me but I can care less.I start to walk away and he says¨I need to speak to you¨.I turn around and walked towards him.He normally never is here especially waiting for me.I looked at him and said¨What do you need dad¨.My dad stayed quiet.I normally call him dad in hopes that he will remember how bad of a dad he is or to remember him that I am also his child.After some time he says¨Good luck Avyanna¨.I looked at him and said¨Thanks¨ then walked away.I walked down the stairs to the living room.When I get there the knights in forth the door looks a bit nervous.The Knights open the doors and I walk in.There I see a boy around my age or at least I think.He has green eyes and blond hair.his eyes are similar to embers and his hair looks like gold.He looks at me and then says ¨Hello Lady Miller¨.I looked at him and said¨I don´t know your name or how to address you¨.The boy says¨Oh, I almost forgot my name is Jonathan and I am the third prince¨.I looked at him with a bit of shock.Why is the third prince here?I started to remember what my dad said.What happened that made my dad say good luck to me and the third prince come here?I started to feel nervous.The boy looked around the room then back to me and said¨I don’t know why I am so forgetful today¨.I looked at him giving him all my attention.The boy name Jonathan says¨I am also your finance¨ with a smile on his face.I looked at him with even more shock.Did my dad just give my hand in marriage without me knowing?I looked at him and said¨Excuse me I need to go¨.He looked at me confused.Then without wasting time I ran to my father´s study.My feet started to hurt not a lot because I used to run in heels a lot when I was younger.When I get there I knock on the door.Then I hear my dad’s voice say¨Enter¨.I slammed the door open.I look at my dad and yelled¨DID YOU ARRANGED MY MARRIAGE WITH SOMEONE I DON’T EVEN? KNOW¨. My dad looks nervous but I don’t care how dare he just marry off to someone I don’t know then he doesn’t even tell me not as it would help him. He looks at me and says¨ It’s for your best¨. I can feel my blood boil. I look at him and yell¨ THE BEST FOR ME YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S THE BEST FOR ME YOU WERE NEVER THERE FOR ME BUT YOU WERE THERE FOR YOUR NEW FAMILY¨.He stands up from his chair and slaps me across the face.My eyes tear up but I won’t let him see me cry.I look at him and say¨You are the worst dad¨.I can see that hurt him.I walk away and do not look back.I entered my room.I lay on my bed and started to cry.I couldn´t breathe.I try to get off the bed but I felt as if I was frozen.When I was able to get out of bed I open the door and stumbled to a room I knock on the door.My brothers open the door.I walked in and fell to my knees.My brother Aaron tries to help me up.My other brother looks scared. He asks me¨Should I call someone¨.I whisper¨No please no¨.I don’t what my dad and step-mom to see me.My other brother Aaron tells me¨Breath in and out try to calm down¨.I calm down a bit I start to breathe normally after some time.My brother Asher hugs me and says¨You scared me but most importantly are you okay¨.I nod my head.My brother Aaron looks at me and says¨It looks like you were losing breathing or that is what I call it¨.I look at him.Aaron sits on the floor the says¨It’s when you feel like you can’t move, breathe, and your crying¨.I look at him and then I say¨Thank you guys¨.Both of my brothers hug me.Asher looks at me and says¨If you need to cry you can come to me¨.Aaron looks at me curiously and then asks me¨Why were you crying in the first place¨.I don´t know what to say but then I could feel tears rolling down my cheek once again.I started to talk and ended up telling them about what happened.They seemed furious.My oldest brother Aaron stood up and walked out the door.I know that a big storm is coming.Something bad is going to happen but I don’t know when. My other brother Asher stayed hugging me.This is the first time I see Aaron mad or at least this mad.My brother Asher helps me stand up.We both go walk to my room.Asher hugs me one last time before leaving and says¨Goodnight and remember if you need someone to hug you I am always here¨. I smile at his words and then wave as he walks away.I close the door and lay down in my bed. I repeat to myself three more days just three more days until I can leave.In the morning I looked in the mirror and say¨Two more days left…two more days¨.I get ready for the day but the moment I step outside I see two knights.The two knight look at until one of them breaks the silence and says¨ The Third Prince wants to talk to you¨.I nod my head and followed the knights.The knight guided me to the garden.There I see the third prince.I bow and say ¨, Your highness, may I know what brings you here today¨.The prince looks at me.He stands up from his sit.He walked towards me and says¨I am here to get to know my finances more¨.I know there is no escaping now.He looked at me curiously as if he has very seen a person before.He takes a strand of my hair in his hand and then says ¨Your hair looks like silver and your eyes look like red roses in spring¨.Why is he sayings such things? Is he trying to make a conversation?I look at him and said¨I like your blond hair it looks like gold¨.He looks shocked but why.He looks at me and smiles at me but it doesn’t seem fake why.Why would he let a stranger see him smile?At that moment I see someone running towards me

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