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The ending a soul is the beginning of other.

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Onday a mother got death date of her.but she couldn't give up her 2year son.so she carry him.she travels through an adventure and fantasy world .At the end she does miss her child but she find him.

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Chapter 1 message of God

A middle class family which have a mother,father and their 2year old son was leading happy life.The mother is an ordinary women and her husband was busy person with his jobs,he has no time to spend with their family. So the mother strongly loved his son abondandly. Oneday she got a letter from the God that her life span will complete tomorrow.she so scared and confused.she worried about her son because husband can't afford myson.so she decided to give her son to her dearest friend.then she reached there and explained everything to her and she went out .but her mind was so upset she analysed that she can't give up her son so she again arrived friend's home she saw there her son standing the edge of roof without anyone.then she scared and cried then she jumbed up and saved him .she realised that mother is the only one to take care of her baby and picked up her son and went to her hom.The very next day she got upearly. Looked the clock.the clock is running fastly.she packed everything for her child and completed her works,the time is nearly 4.45pm now the ending time is just 15 minutes more.she looked over and over to the road her husband has not come yet.She said good bye to everyone except his dearest one . only two minutes,, he doesn't come.she tightly hold her son and tied him with a belt in her belly .The bell rang.oh ! it's 5 o clock,suddenly the sun turned to light pink,and heard light music and wolf sound everywhere.she saw some pink color animals coming near to her,it seems like pinkish wolf .They stopped besides her and told her to jumb up their back.With tearing eyes she jumbed up then thewolfs ran like a storm then the pink color and sounds are vanished.

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