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Untitled Story.

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A one shot story that I still haven't think of the title, lol.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: [ Stranger and Nostalgic Feelings... ]

I was at the lake, sitting while watching the moon from afar. It was another cold night and I'm used to it. This was my favorite and secret place of mine, I always go here alone, since the scenery is gorgeous... If I ever bring someone in here... that means that person is special.

"...the moon is always shining in the dark." I smiled, then closed my eyes and feel the cold breeze passed to me.

"Aah... I wish it would always be this peaceful and quiet." And yes, this is my comfort zone. I find it calmly and relaxing...

As I decided to head back, holding my phone and used it as a flashlight... a sudden sound on the bush caught my ears. I don't know what to feel, but I stayed sharp.

With the curiousity, I didn't losed myself like the curiosity killed the cat. I just continue walking and minding myself. I might got put myself in danger in no time.

Well... it is dangerous to wander off, especially at night. The surroundings are covered in dark, so you can't clearly see what or where you're walking or heading to without a flashlight or something.

But then, I suddenly felt something odd... it is cold at night but, there's something weird in the air. It somehow became even more chilly...? I mean sure... the temperature itself could change... but it's just that it's like already winter?

I look out to my surroundings, being cautious and sharp. But, I found no one. Is myself tricking me? Or am I dreaming? I slapped myself hard with both of my hands.

"Ow... that really hurts---"

Then, a someone sudden whispered to my ear---

"Faith...?" It called my name...

"!" It's a calm and elegance tone, it gave me goosebumps. I slowly turned my head and saw a tall figure man standing behind me.

With a white hair, that it looks like a shining silver hair because of the moon's light. With those light blue eyes, and a fine body. It's weird to find someone like him in here...

"H-How did you know my name...?" I asked with a trembly voice, acting like I'm not shocked and terrified earlier. He looked at me from head to toe with a puzzled face.

"I... you must've forgotten me, didn't you...?" He replied with another question, where it makes me think that 'Have I ever encountered you before?' 'Have we met somehow' thoughts started to appear in my head.

But I know myself, that I haven't met someone like him. Is it possible for someone to know my name and myself, even though I don't know that person...?

I took a closer look at him again, but I his face wasn't familiar to me. I tried to think hard if I have a memory with him... but as expected, none.

"I'm sorry, but... I think you're not familiar to me. I tried to remember and thinked hard about my past but, you're not in there." I paused before continuing.

"Are you sure that... we have met before?" He nods.

"Yes. I'm certainly sure." He respond with noe hesistation at all.

"You... don't really remembered me?" I tried my best to remember him, but... no. I shook my head and saw him make a blue face.

"I see... so it is true then..." I heard him whispered to his self, which makes me curious. He walks past at me, as I followed my eyes to the direction he's going to. He stopped, turned to look at me and asked.

"Are you not coming? My dear princess?" I was loss of words when I heard him call me 'My dear princess'. But it somehow makes me nostalgic...? And familiar.

"I'm going to walk with you until you got home."

Faith's pov: (Is he a stalker? Even though, that's really a lame trick to know where I'm living.) He smiled.

"No worries, I know where you live. And don't think that I'm a bad person."

"...?!" Somehow... he is a really weird person, it looks like he can read my mind, but pretending not to know it...

He started to walk and I catch up to him. I don't know who's this guy is, but... he doesn't seem like a bad person... well... I hope my instict is right.

"Shiroi." He suddenly speaked, I looked to him with a buffled face.

"I'm Shiroi Yuki." He looked at me and added.

"You can just call me... Shi-yu." He, then, smiled.

At that night, he started to tell me some stories. His actually the one who keeps the conversation going, and changing the topics smoothly, there's sometimes an awkward silence too. It's somehow impressive how he can tell me those with such a calming voice... It made the night even better and colder, he seemed to notice that I'm freezing up.

"Here." Without my realization, he took off his jacket and gave it to me.

Faith's pov: (It's... warm. But... he might get caught a cold...)

Looking at him, he seems fine. But I'm still worried, it sounds weird that I'm worried to a person that I don't even know.

We reach at my home, and before I can give back his jacket he disappeared in thin air. I looked around, but found hin nowhere. I just entered to my room and slowly fell asleep.

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