The Real World vs. Reality

By Tiffany Yep All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Virtual reality isn't just a game. It's reality, whether it's digital or not. The people you meet are real. The emotions you feel are real. Even if it seems like a different world, it's all the same world. But it isn't. There lies another reality outside of Hiroshi's reality and virtual reality. A world just like his/ours, but with different people. Not even an alternate universe that just has different versions of us, but an alternate universe that has completely different people. Some accept only virtual reality as their true reality. For most, the "real world" is their only true reality, and virtual reality is just a game. but for a few, they accept both as true reality....but everyone has a different perspective on reality. The fact that there can, in fact, be a legitimate, concrete alternate universe that's not comical or outrageously whimsical...simply can't be real. Can it?

Chapter 1


Loading profile.

Name: Hiroshi Hoshino

Username: hirohoshi

Gender: Male

Age: 17 years old


Starting game.


This virtual reality game requires thirty seconds to download new programming. Proceed?


Welcome to Fairy Tale. Please choose a species. Players must choose one species as their signature, but can add on other species to their profiles as they advance. Choices include: Mage, Knight, or Fairy.

You have chosen Knight.

Choose your kingdom. Each kingdom pertains its own special abilities and elements. Choices include: North Star, Blackfire, Blossomfall, and Badgerfang.

You have chosen North Star.

Commencing game....loading map....

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