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Shape of Darkness: Early Light

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Eve, a girl who lives a normal life suddenly face off with multi-dimensional adventure as she has to discover a hidden story of herself when a monster comes to her and turned her life around..

Fantasy / Other
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Let's start this day with a new intro!

It's eight and a half o'clock in the morning at Gold Creek. Eve wakes up from her bed and sees through her clock that she was indeed late for more than one hour. But surprisingly, she does not care much.

She wakes up followed with sounds of bed and a step sounds. Eve takes herself a nice and well bath before going downstairs for some breakfast. Ready to start her day with some energy despite the time. But what she sees gives her a grunt and cold stare upon the table provided for her, a cold bacon and eggs that might've been there for thirty minutes.

She throw the food into the trash and take a cereal on the cabinet and milk from fridge as her own breakfast. She takes a spoon of cereal to enjoy the sweetness of the cereal with the taste of chocolate and milk together. For her, if she has to take another cold bacon and egg laying on the table then she'll choose to starve until lunch.

Eve was not a girl that seems interested with many things, often found dreams and goals as "unnecessary" considering what matters is that she doesn't fail life. Surely by this, means that they have stable financial, mental and health. Why bother reaching for high if you could stand still at your ground trying not to fall?

But while Eve appears as just relatable characters, she has a different things in her minds, consequence of altruism. She consider that one does not get rewarded for having a friend or treating them well. What's more is that she tends to avoid people instead of passing them. Because of this, Eve does not have intentions to look for anyone as friends.

As she's done, taking the last and cleans the dishes followed with her walking down to school by herself ready to greet another late day. Her walkway is always narrow and empty place for her to avoid herself getting into social skills or strangers, the path to school is not really far that she didn't take 15 minutes at all. But the problem is, one person.

"Hey, Eve!" Said a boy followed her, she recognize that voice and decided to run as well. It was Cyrus, her known individual that she didn't consider friend at all. Cyrus was a boy the opposite of Eve, proactive and very talkative all the time especially to Eve. But for her, he was an annoyance for her daily life with all his extroverted energy.

"You know I didn't forget about you?" Cyrus said, yet Eve respond with nothing. He has always memorized things about Eve since the beginning, as he was great with many people but not Eve and that she is the only person Cyrus can't befriend at all. But his motivation has made him says otherwise, and tries to speak for him. But despite all his actions, none were intended as flirt since both knew Cyrus has a girlfriend.

"Hey Eve," Cyrus asked, but she ignored him and walked away tries to ignore him. But Cyrus who knew her much about this, decided to run at her trying to catch her attentions, only for Eve to run as well. Eve runs as fast as she could out from school before she was stopped by a group of girls in front of the exit door.

"Well, well...if it isn't the silent girl Eve trying to get early to school today, and hi there boy, you get another class today?" the girl smirk to Eve and giving warm compliment to Cyrus because of his known treatment at school. Cyrus stop to look for Eve as she drops down. The girl left and Cyrus tries to help, but Eve refuses and stand up for herself.

"You're okay?" He asked but Eve just choose to left and goes to school, this time she didn't mind about Cyrus with him since she's already at the front of the school. At there, she walks in to find nobody was in the entrance just like she wanted, and the teacher are going out to restroom.

The Gold Creek High School, not so big but not so small school that has stands for decades and has become well known educational place with cheap price and qualified one. Perhaps that's why parents put their students there, including parents of Eve who knew she never socialize with people at all.

"Alright, as usual? I'll go first," Cyrus said before entering the class and receive many greet from boys and girls inside the class that the whole class felt like a party inside with many people giving a high-five and fist bump. Yet after all of that, Eve doesn't believe in the consequence of altruism.

"Woo...look at that, a boy we always sees at school comes for the 423th time today!" sarcastically she thinks after entering the class and sees everyone cheer to Cyrus. He isn't known well because of being school top students or anything, rather because of his activity he creates at school from games, social media and etc.

It's like Cyrus was powered by people, and Eve was powered without people. Soon after she found her seats at the back of the class where three empty tables are, the teacher comes back to continuing the class without noticing Eve and Cyrus at the school. Eve felt relieved as usual, since it's almost common for the teacher to know she's there.

The teacher usual lectures are long to the eyes of students, that they often sleep or distract themselves with anything else. Some students starts to talk to Cyrus to waste time, others play with their phone but Eve, nobody wants to talk to her because they've known her for so long.

Why is everyone keep going at him like that? she asked herself whilst staring sharp at him, waiting for them to stop so that she could finally relax. The discomfort of socializing or others presence around her, makes her feel unhappy and mad as she wants to throw table at them. But in the end, she could only watch in hope that the time goes faster.

As the bore starts touching her, Eve closes her eyes and imagine herself in another place for her to think freely. The scenario is an an ocean with only herself, and a darkness with stars around her as she meditate under the moon and above the seas.

It's a peaceful one, she thinks to herself as the ocean submerge half of her body. She feels the tense of the water around her as the ocean finally eat her into the deep, where she found herself back to her room. All that peace she was looking finally comes to her.

Suddenly, the lunch break bell rings and Eve has to return back to reality to found everyone walks out from the class. While Cyrus was preparing to go out with others as well, she put her head down to the table for few minutes before ready to go out to Cafeteria.

"You know what? Nevermind, I'll just wait here in class." She said as she returns to the class after seeing the crowd at the cafeteria and just decided to wait until it's over for her. She pulls out her phone to play music to wait for the time.

Unaware that there are commotion outside, as they are cheering for the new student. The rich-looking boy with black hair and green eyes impresses many girls, and the boys who were also excited to see him for his appearance. Cyrus comes to introduce himself, it was awkward but Dion appreciate his warmth to him.

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