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With the newly found freedom Alexander (Alex), a 19 year old guy is out to live a life on his own... it's difficult when all you have is food stock worth a few days, an unknown territory to begin life and avoid getting caught by any government authorities. He is about to have new experiences of the world outside as well as a world unknown within his own self. Danielle (Dan) is a single father with a five year old bundle of cuteness, January (Jan) he loves to death. Even though he might be running a fair and leading business of transport of almost all goods across the countries. He is known as the "Black spade" who holds great power inside as well as outside America and has taken down many powerful businesses, either destroying them completely or merging them with his own. He is living a simple life for his son keeping a low profile and everything under tight wraps. What happens when these two cross paths??? ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This book is a work of fiction and is totally UNEDITED! Please read at your own risk!!! This is my very first time writing anything at all, so bear with me please! 😅 Also the Book has MAN×BOY (ie. gay) content with male pregnancy as theme, so please DONOT start if not interested. 18+ rated!!! ⚠️INCLUDES MATURE CONTENT!⚠️ Well happy reading! (⁠ノ⁠^⁠_⁠^⁠)⁠ノ♪⁠ ⁠\⁠(⁠^⁠ω⁠^⁠\⁠ ⁠)

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Giving out a breath of relief, "finally!" he mumbled to himself. It's been forever since he had tasted freedom. The beautiful dazzling sunlight on his skin, the pretty blue and clear sky, soft wind playing around without restrictions.... 'What a beautiful city and a perfect day to start afresh!' he thought with hope and excitement in his heart...

Alex's POV 💜

Stretching out, I started walking down an unknown street... 'a coffee shop would be best for starters' I thought, and chose the least chaotic part of the town...the area was all calm with few people in sight. Walking down further, I tried to find a place to work at. I had passed a pharmacy and a few departmental stores on the way, but since I was bad with calculations and communicating with people in general, I planned to find a cafe where I could just work in the kitchen. Passing down a few more lanes, I came across a kindergarten and couldn't help but stare at the lil monsters running out with happy faces giggling, while their parents greeted them with open arms. Yeah I simply love kids!! They are all innocent and cute and so truthful. Sometimes their truth ends up stabbing your heart but still you can just munch on their chubby cheeks to get your revenge...Just kidding! But well... doggos are more angelic than kids whatsoever. Time to start on my way before someone pins me down as a suspicious weirdo. I had just walked a distance of a hundred metres when something hit my leg from behind causing me to stumble a little. I steadied myself a little and saw tiny cutie had latched themselves to my leg. Even though I love kids it's a bad idea getting involved with anyone at present and this kid's parents might just think I have kidnapped him and call the police on me. I'm sure as hell that I should be walking the opposite way not getting tangled up with the unknown.... But how could I when this chocopie chose me himself for whatever reason that is! Without giving another thought I picked up the kid only for him to wrap himself around my neck shaking slightly... I tried to calm him down a little by stroking his back...

"Hey lil one what's wrong?" I tried asking as softly as I could...he seemed to calm down after a few minutes and peeked at me.This kid is the most adorable one i have ever seen!!! I just wanted to squeeze him to death and pour him with kisses but thought that he might just get scared.So just ended up stroking his hair, "ok, chocopie i won't ask much but we can be friends first? Hi I'm Alexander" I said... And his eyes seemed to sparkle at the word "friends", I chuckled at his cuteness.

"H-h-he-llo" the kid stuttered nervously and in an adorable voice, "my name is January, bu-tt uh-mm- you can call me Jan, an- and I'm 5 year old" he said blushing. I might just die!!!! 'Should i just kidnap him?' i thought... I mentally slapped myself and brought myself to my senses when Jan started saying something...

" Leo was bullying me again" he said and then again put his head in my chest, "he said I was too uh..mm.. shy" hic "and uh.... That my dad's a bad guy" hic "so he won't play with me"...hic "then he pushed me down." Tears started falling down his cute chubby pink cheeks which started to turn red with all the crying in spite of him trying to hold it back.

This got me fuming I just wanted to spank this Leo kid and then slap his parents straight across the face for such shitty upbringing! How could that kid say such hurtful things to such an angel??? But before that I tried to ask Jan where his parents were? Since they might be getting worried about not finding him back at the kindergarten. Jan was wearing the same uniform which I saw at the kindergarten I saw a few minutes ago so I knew he might be from the same place. But how the hell does their teacher allow such a small kid to go out without supervision! Well one more added to my imaginary ""Knock some sense into"" check list...

Now back to the main problem, "Well Jan, sweetie who comes to take you home every day? Let's find them first then we can get you some icecream" i tried to cheer him up.... As soon as the word icecream left my mouth this chocopie's head shot up with sparkling wet eyes and a snot dripping down...He was nodding vigorously, which made me chuckle. I wiped his eyes and snot with my handkerchief, and began walking towards the kindergarten. As soon as I was near, I found a guy frustrated yelling at a teacher who seemed white as a ghost with fear and sweat dripping down her face... Jan turned towards the voice and called out "Dadda!"

The man turned around in a second, he stormed towards us & snatched Jan out of my arms giving me a death glare. "You!" He barked with anger lacing his voice, which caused me to jump with fear... but he was interrupted by Jan

" Dadda don't get mad at Lexie" he scolded. Whoa I earned a nickname from my chocopie! I mentally rejoiced. "I was upset so I ran out of school when the teacher wasn't looking.. and um... Lexie helped me." he munbled the last part with a blush. This kid has me whipped already! He already has a nickname for me!...

His dad soon realised and calmed down, and did I just forget to mention the dad??? The man was not at all the cute type I thought he would be judging from Jan's look.This guy was a bit tanned with kinda ripped body, He was wearing a black turtle neck with black jeans, light grey overcoat and black loafers. Whoa! This guy is a total package! He's around 6.3 tall, which was not much different than me.'You're just 5.7 the lil devil in me snickered' Damn this piece of shit! Isn't he supposed to be a part of me??? I mentally facepalmed . Yeah I pretty much talk/ fight/ and make up with my own self... Any problem??? Anyways back to the gorgeous man here... His green eyes looked soft and eyebrows knitted as if trying to figure out what i was thinking.

"Sorry!" He said messaging the back of his neck. "And thank you for helping my Pup," he smiled. To which I just gave a little nod...

Don't judge me I'm just bad when it comes to speaking with strangers. Since I'm mostly used to speaking with myself and yeah kids and doggos never lie or disappoint you so that's pretty much my zone. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Jan tugged on my shirt

"Dadda can we take Lexie home?" Jan asked with puppy eyes.... 'Well I can see why his Dad calls him Pup now' I chuckled internally.

Oh! wait!... what did this Honeybun say??? As soon as it hit me what Jan had said, I started to panic immediately. Yep I would go to the moon and back for this cutie and not gonna lie for his mouth watering dad too but 1st his mom might just kill me, and 2nd it's too soon to be getting involved with any people in general....

"Sure Pup but, only if this cute beauty wants to... We can get some lunch and ice cream too" he said giving a loving peck on Jan's forehead before turning to me.

It felt like this guy was trying to observe my whole existence when he started to look me up and down, which made me a little uncomfortable but his gaze seemed soft and soon he was just boring holes in my head since my gaze was concentrated either on Jan or the ground never looking up.... Wow! ... 'Did this guy just flirt with us???' My inner devil spoke up.... I just mentally waved him off. Before he puts stuff in my head, well technically he is already inside my head so that just sounds weird! Well whatever....

"Ummm I should pass on that offer, I was on my way for my job interview" I lied ( not a complete lie though since I was out to find a job anyway)

"Pleassseee Lexie, you promised to get icecream" Jan said with those big green orbs pleading and anticipating at the same time...

And just when I looked up to his dad he had a similar look, and I chuckled, "Cute! ...well now i see the resemblance!" I thought...

Or not!!

I might have just said that aloud cause I heard his dad laughing lightly

"So I take that as a yes" his dad said in between his chuckles, making Jan giggle with him. 'They surely are son and father' I thought blushing... I fucked up! Yeah but it might be just fine. 'I'll just have some food since I'm already hungry and then make an excuse and get away!' I thought and said "Ok...".

"Oh! I am so sorry I forgot... I'm Danielle, you can call me Dan" he said extending his hand out...

"Alexander" I took his hand for a quick shake. Even his hands were gorgeous with all the veins popped up and a "J" with flowers tattooed on the inside of his forearm.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Jan calling "Lexie" He was stretching his tiny hands out towards me. My adorable chocopie wanted to be held by me! I took Jan into my arms blushing a little since Dan was eyeing me with an amused expression.

"You smell good Lexie" Jan said softly, snuggling into my chest, think he was exhausted with all the crying. Dan gestured me towards a black car that was standing nearby. Guess he knew Jan was sleepy and was trying to be quiet. I nodded and did as suggested. Stroking Jan's back slowly to make him comfortably fall asleep, I threw all the conscious righteousness out of my brains and followed Dan to his car...

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