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After escaping Aria's realm by a hair, Aria and Igor must survive and thrive in Igor's tribe. Join them as they navigate their new life as new parents through a world that isn't what Igor remembers and nothing like Aria hoped. Will they thrive and can Igor keep his family safe and untouched by the new politics, a race war brewing and hostility on every side? UPDATED 2 TIMES A WEEK: MONDAY THURSDAY Like usual this is a tentative schedule for now until I am confident to update daily.

Fantasy / Romance
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Hey y’all!

So after the difficult announcement to hold the book on Inkitt, some of you asked if I can look into another platform (particularly Patreon) where I can publish it before it has to be on Amazon, I listened.

I created a Patreon account for those who have means and would like to finish the book ahead of time.

I just uploaded the 30th episode on there a few minutes ago and I will be completing the whole book this week.

I have always wanted to open a Patreon but I was afraid it was too early in my career but looking into this avenue and after following a few of my favorite writers on there and seeing how much they get to help me experience the world’s that I so love, I want to do the same.

So I will be sharing some art on there as well. Behind the scenes on my publishing journey. (I received the first sketch of Igor and Aria and I will post that in a few minutes)

I have also been shopping around for illustrators to create more artwork for the books. Both SFW and NSFW (mostly will be NSFW in the future)

So yeah if you’d like to support me as an artist and get more of a glimpse at my process and get all the news AND BOOKS first then come hang.

If you can’t, it’s no pressure.

But I’d like to host you as I try to make my dreams come true.

I’ll also post it in my bio but the link is: patreon.com/QuaHudson

Otherwise, watch this space.

As usual, please ask me any questions may have.

All my love,


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