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Under these eyes - Life in the fantasy

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Celio was on his way home after a long, tiring day and right before he entered the house, a ray of light pierced his eyes, he fainted right after that and lost all of his memory. Celio woke up and the first thing he saw was a white haired wolf man. Celio thought that he was going to be eaten alive but the man was actually taking care of him with gentleness. Together, they embark on a journey

Fantasy / Adventure
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Arc 1 - Chapter 1: The beginning

I was about to head home after a long day, when I was opening the door a flash appeared, I couldn't remember anything after that, maybe I passed out??

Later on, my consciousness started to recover, I felt a severe headache. When the pain ended, I sat up slowly, despite my blurry vision and all, I saw a big wolf man sitting near a bonfire. It took me a second to snap back to reality, I was terrified and with all the strength I have left I turned around and started to crawl away, I exhausted quickly due to the fact that I merely regained consciousness. I was hopeless, at the moment when he decided to walk toward me, I stopped struggling knowing that my life will end here. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable death.

Nothing happened... Instead I was being picked up gently, he put me back to where I was earlier, patted my head until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I was woken up by the sun. I quickly took a look at my surroundings, I was in the middle of nowhere, a grass field to be specific.

A loud yet warm voice came across me:"Oh you are awake, feel any better ?". I saw the wolf man cooking something near the fire, I'm not panicked or scared anymore because of what he did last night, I dropped my guard down a bit.

I decided to ask him :"Who are you? And where am I ?"

He answered :"So you don't remember anything. Well then, guess I'll have to introduce myself again. The name's George, I'm your traveling companion."

I have no idea what he is talking about, I have no such memory in my head, in fact my head was a complete blank right now.

I replied with hesitation :"Sorry but I really don't remember anything."

He replied :"Well you got hit pretty hard last night".

He continues :"Do you remember anything ?"

"No..." - I said.

"Not even your name ?"


"Forget it, as long as you stick with me things will go back to normal, that's something I can promise."

I nodded slowly.

After that he handed me a bowl of soup, it smelt so good and also looked appetizing, I took the first spoon and it was amazing.

"This is so good" - I spoke out.

I finished the soup and couldn't stop myself from looking at the pot. My action seems to be too obvious, he took my bowl and gave me the rest of the soup.

I asked :"What about yours? Have you eaten anything?"

"Don't worry, I've had mine earlier. Hurry up or the soup will get cold."

"Thanks,... How kind of you."

He didn't reply but I saw his face blushed and his tail was swinging around.

I found him a little bit cute for that.

I decided to finish the soup quickly to ask him about what happened last night.

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