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Under these eyes - Life in the fantasy

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Arc 1 - Chapter 2: The incident

After I finished my food, I asked him: "So what actually happened last night ?"

His ear dropped down a bit - "You may want to rest a bit more."

"Please,...I..I need to know."




"George ?"

"Fine" - He mumbled - "Where do you want me to start ?"

"From the beginning" - I said.


"We were having a walk in forest, gathering some food, then I heard a strange noise so I decided to check it up, but when I got back you were already gone, I searched the surrounding area and heard your whimper, then i saw you lying on the ground, there were blood all over your face."

"Oh" - I said.

"Remember anything now ?"

"No not yet."

"But it wasn't a big deal, why didn't you tell me the first time I asked you to ?"

He answered: "I just...don't want to remember that memory."

"Why so ?"

"I don't like seeing you got hurt" - he looked away while answering.

I was a bit shy and speechless, as I reached out to the back of my head to scratch it, my vision faded quickly, I felt like falling down a cliff. I passed out.

I had a dream, I saw a doorknob, it somehow felt so familiar, yet I couldn't remember where I had seen it before, or maybe it was just a false memory, a dream. Curiosity killed the cat, So I decided to touch it. The moment I did it my head hurt like hell, as if it was being hit by a pickaxe.




I woke up, my breath was heavy, my body was sweating yet all of those seemed to fade away as George leans toward me, giving me a tight and warm hug.

"You wake up!! I'm so glad you did Celio, you just passed out all of the sudden, I was so worried."


"We need to go to the nearest town to get a doctor" - he said

He packed our stuff with haste put it all in our backpack.

He handed me mine.

"Wear this, I'll carry you"

"Where are we going ?" - I asked

"Like I said we need to find you a doctor."

"There's no need to, I'll be fine."

He glanced at me.

"Ok let's get going" I said

He offered me a piggyback.

As he carried me to our next destination I remember him calling me Celio so I asked: "What did you call me back then ?"

"Oh, ugh.. Celio ?"

"Sooo......Is that my name ?"

"What else could it be?"

His voice soften down: "Hey you should rest, we can talk later."

We didn't said anything after that.

At one moment I started yawning, I was lying on his soft fur back, a small breeze of wind carried his sweet vanilla scent, everything was just so comfy, my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, I eventually fell asleep.

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