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For the eternity

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The story is about a boy and an Elf girl, magic, mystery, adventure and love.

Fantasy / Adventure
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And then I died - Chapter 1

I love her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Her beautiful smile and long blond hair were mesmerizing. Her blue eyes always looked at me with kindness in them. Her face is just as gorgeous as her kind soul.

Our first encounter was a random coincidence, something that should never happen. We met when she was on her way back from a journey with her parents. When they passed by our small town, I saw her from afar. It was my first time seeing elves and it was like looking at the stars.

She was wearing a ethereal white gown, which hugged her slender frame perfectly. The dress had short sleeves, making it perfect for the warm weather we have here.

Elves were so rare in those times, some even believe that they only exist in fairy tales. That’s why when I saw her, my heart skipped a beat. She must be the most beautiful creature I’ve seen. I couldn’t help myself but stare at her. She noticed me and smiled at me.

I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there staring at her while she walked away. Her parents didn’t look like they noticed me, they even looked like they didn’t notice anything.

A few weeks after that, she came back alone.

This time, she wasn’t wearing her last outfit. Instead, she wore a red robe that barely covered her chest.

That night was the first time I talked to her. And you wouldn’t think it would change someone’s life forever... but it did.

I don’t know how I found the courage to do so. Maybe it Was from weeks of sleepless nights when I can’t stop thinking about her. Maybe it was a simple gift from the goddess. Or maybe it was fate.

“I’m sorry.”

Those were the words that I heard before she killed me.

Her beautiful face is twisted in agony as tears well up in her eyes. My whole body feels numb and heavy. What am I supposed to do now? How could this happen? Why did this have to happen?

But then, her voice breaks through the fog inside my head and pierces through me.

“I need you”

“What?” Is all that comes out of my mouth.

And then I died

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