The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Nine

[Once she regains back her powers. She will wait one hundred years more for the next destiny to unfold.] (So what do I do from here Mister Music?) [Well my boy, today we will be training you on how to perform Synchronization.] (That sounds cool, but I thought that happened when I faced Alicia.) [It did my boy, but now you have to learn how to control it. If you are able to control the sync, the possibilities with the guitar will be whatever you make it.] (I guess it would make sense to learn how to fully control it. What kind of training are we talking about here?) [The same training every Wielder of the guitar goes through, The Trials Of Synchronization.] (Wow, that sounds, vigorous. How long does the process take?) [It all depends on the Wielder themselves, and how long they can stay focused. They’re will must be strong enough to hold the Synchronization long enough for it to forge with The Wielder’s Spirit.] (Do you really think I can do it Mister Music?) [To be honest with you lad. That is the first step to failing the sync, doubting yourself.] (What, how can that be?) [In all the years I’ve seen Wielders use the guitar. It’s reaction to you was, different.] (What do you mean by that?) [Well, as soon as you stepped foot into The Music Shop the guitar had an instant reaction to you. That has never happened before, even Lady Symphony was impressed by how quickly it bonded with you. Could it be ,that you possess his power?] (Who are you talking about?) [It’s nothing lad, only time will tell. Now, let’s prepare you for training, follow me.] Alex follows Mister Music to another door. (Let me guess, there’s a dimension behind this door to?) [Many people don’t guess that on the first try.] (Wait, what? There’s another dimension on the other side?) [Well, not exactly a dimension, but a realm known as, The Warriors Chamber.]

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