The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Two

It’s going to be difficult trying to search the town for her, but at least I have to try. I will be the one to get the guitar back!) Alex exits the Inn and begins to search the town for the girl, and the stolen guitar. (Huff, huff, man this is really beginning to get tiresome.) Alex comes under an overpass, and takes a breather. (Alicia could be anywhere by now. Maybe it’s time to call it a day.) Just as Alex is about to give up, his luck turns around. {Aww, why the sad face Alex? I showed up because I heard you were looking for me.} (Hey, give back the guitar Alicia!) Standing on the overpass is Alicia, and in her hands is the guitar. {Oh Alex, I’ve only just begun to use it!} Alicia raises the guitar, and strums it’s strings. A strange noise begins to fill the air. (Where is that sound coming from?) Alex surveys the area, then looks at the guitar. Which is now giving off a high pitched sound, and glowing. (What? The guitar is acting strange. I can hear it, almost like it’s communicating with me.) {Now foolish boy, take this!} A ring of energy is released by the guitar as it streaks toward Alex. He dodges the attack as it impacts the ground. As the dust clears, a small crater is left in the ground. (Hey, your one crazy lady!) {I’m not crazy...I’m...not...crazy!} She raises her hand once more. (Great, she’s getting ready to strum the strings again. Guess there’s only one thing left to do, run like heck!) Alex quickly leaps from the ground and sprints away from Alicia. {Where do you think your going!} She strums the strings multiple times, releasing multiple energy rings that rain down on Alex. (Run, run, run, run! I got to fine some cover, fast!) Alicia continues to fire the rings of energy as she pursues Alex. {Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!} (If this is funny to you, then you’ve got one messed up sense of humor!) Alex quickly bends a corner. (Ah ha, there’s a good place to duck down at.) Alicia bends the corner as well. She surveys the area, in hopes to find Alex. {Where are you Alex? Don’t think you can escape me that easily!} She scans the area one last time. {I will find you boy!} She finally leaves the area. After a while, Alex pops up from a nearby trash bin. (Phew, that was a close call. I think it’s time I head to The Music Shop.) Alex quickly heads to Mister Music’s shop. (Hey old man, are you in here?) [Yes I’m here Alex, but the guitar is gone I’m afraid.] (I know, and I know who has it.) [You do? Tell me then lad.]

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