The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Three

(I bumped into this girl yesterday, and then again today. This time she had the guitar with her. What’s weird is that she was able to use the guitar, and I’m not talking about music.) [What do you mean Alex?] (She was actually trying to take me out with it. It shot out these strange rings of energy when she strummed the strings.) [So, it has begun once again. One hundred years have passed already.] (What are you talking about Mister Music?) [It seems the time has come for the guitar to choose another, to save time itself. It all began, when a Goddess forged instruments of unimaginable power, and sent them down to this world. The instruments give whoever wields them extraordinary abilities, almost limitless.] (Is that how she was able to use those attacks?) [Yes, but judging from the attacks she was using, her powers with it were limited.] (What do mean by that?) [Pending on the holder of the instruments, they react differently. That girl is probably not a good person. So she could only gain partial of the guitar’s power.] (What happens if it’s placed in the hands of someone good?) [Oh,the possibilities are endless my boy. I’ve seen great things happen when the guitar is placed in the right hands.] (That reminds me, how long have you been doing this?) Before Mister Music can answer, the entire front wall of The Music Shop is blown away. (Oh no, Mister Music we have to hide, now!) Alex grabs him and ducks behind a music shelf. A figure enters the shop. {Where are you Alex Singer!} Alicia scans the shop in hopes Alex is here. (Any ideas for me Mister Music?) [You have to separate her from the guitar somehow.] Alex looks around, he looks above him and sees dozens of CDs. (I think that can be arranged, just give me a sec.)

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