The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Four

(Looks like these will have to do.) Alex comes from behind the music shelf, and faces Alicia. {There you are, did you really think I wouldn’t find you?} (Actually no, I kind of knew you would. In fact, I was hoping you would.) {You sound confident for someone who’s about to be blasted away.} (You could say that, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve!) Alex charges toward Alicia with hands behind his back. {Foolish boy, I’ll blow you away!} She raises her hand, and prepares to attack. (Not this time, let’s see how you do against multiple targets!) Alex reveals dozens of discs from behind his back, and flings them at Alicia. She strums the strings and sends multiple rings of energy. (Now, I have you right where I want you!) Alex leaps high into the air, fist drawn back. (Take, this!) With one swing he plunges his fist deep into Alicia’s face. The impact sends her flying into a wall across the street. (Whoa, where did that strength come from?) The guitar now lay in between the two. Alicia rises from the rubble. {You...actually hit me...a girl!} (It’s not really something I do, but something tells me your no ordinary girl.) {Heh heh, you catch on real quick boy. So I guess, there’s no need to hold back anymore!} [Alex, you have to get to the guitar before she does!] Alex looks at the guitar. (I’m on it Mister Music!] Both Alex and Alicia dash toward the guitar. (I’m getting there first!) {Over your cold dead body!} They leap towards the guitar, and both hands touch it. Then, it releases a shock that knocks Alicia back. {Ouch! What? Why did that just happen?}

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