The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Five

Alex now holds the guitar in his hands. [Now boy, strum the strings of the guitar!] Alex raises his hand into the air. (Alright, here goes nothing!) He strums the strings, unlocking the power within. A bright light begins to illuminate from the guitar. It transforms into armor, covering Alex’s entire body. (What, is this feeling I’m getting?) The armor completes itself, and the light disappears. [I can’t believe it, it’s the Legendary Gu-Tar Armor!] {What!? How is it your able to unlock that type of power! No matter, your not the only one with a special power!} Alicia’s eyes light up blood red as dark energy begins to pour from her body. Her teeth turn to fangs as her nails begin to extend, and sharpen. Black metal wings pierce through her back as they spread wide. She now takes the form of a humanoid vampire. {Now, let’s start this off proper!) With extreme speed, she charges toward Alex. [Whoa, wait, I’m not ready yet!] He closes his eyes, and prepares to meet his maker. [Hey boy, open your eyes!] Alex opens his eyes, and can’t believe what they see. The armor, acting on it’s own. [What? How am I able to do this?] [It’s the armor Alex, the armor has a mind of it’s own!] [It’s defending on it’s own, amazing!] Alicia constantly attacks with her razor sharp claws, but the armor continues to evade. {Hold still, so I can rip that armor from your body!} [There’s got to be someway to fight back.) [There is Alex, you have to Sync with the guitar!] [How do I do that!] [Focus Alex, once this is done you will know all there is on how to defeat her!] [OK, all I have to do is focus.] Alex closes his eyes again, this time it goes a little differently. The armor begins to shine again, even brighter this time. It repels Alicia back with an awesome light. {Ahhhh! What, is that light?}

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