The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Six

The light disperses, and Alex opens his eyes. [Wow, this feels amazing! What’s even more cool, is that I can understand everything now.] {You think just because you’ve had a little lesson, you can defeat me?} Alicia’s claws extend and come together, forming a long blade. {I’m going to cut that armor right off your body.} [I’d really like to see you try.] {Oh don’t worry, I won’t be gentle!} Alicia charges toward Alex in a furious rage. (I’m ending this, here and now!] [Gu-Tar Cannon!] Alex lifts his arm and aims it at Alicia. The armor transforms again, turning the arm into a large cannon. Alicia continues to charge as energy gathers around the cannon. {I’m going to kill you, trash!} She draws back her blade and prepares to attack. [You should never bring a knife to gunfight, Gu-Tar Cannon fire!] The charged cannon releases the stored energy, and a huge beam rips through the air. [Let’s see if you can dodge that!] {He’s right, the beam is to wide, I can’t dodge it!} The massive beam makes contact with Alicia. As she is ripped apart by the blast, she mutters these last words. {How...can this be...someone like you...defeating me...Ahhhhh!} The blast consumes the rest of Alicia and dust fills the air. As it clears, the damage to the area is revealed. Alex surveys the area around him. [I did it, that was totally awesome! I can’t believe I took her out with one shot!] The armor begins to change, reverting back into the guitar itself. (Wow, I’m so going to love this job.) [Indeed you are my boy, like never before. Come, I think it’s time for you to know.] (Know what exactly Mister Music?) [To know the story, behind the legend.] They walk into the damaged music shop, and stop in front of a once hidden door. (What’s behind this door Mister Music?) [Behind this door young Alex Singer, is the beginning to your destiny.]

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