The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Seven

Once inside, Alex’s eyes open in surprise. (Whoa, what is this place Mister Music?) [This my boy, is where destiny is born. The exact place where legend, is created.] Everything instantly goes black. (Is this supposed to be happening?) [Don’t worry Alex, just sit back and enjoy the ride.] (Ride, what ride?) A flash of light hits the dark room, transporting Alex to another dimension. (Where, what is this place?) Through the white void, a voice calls out to Alex. [So, you are the one the guitar has chosen.] (Who’s there, show yourself now!] [I cannot reveal my identity at the moment, but I promise I will.] (For some reason I feel to trust you, go on.) A bright orb begins to float toward Alex. [My name is Symphony. Guardian, and creator of The Sacred Instruments Of Power. You Alex, and many others have been chosen to either save this planet, or rule it.] (So, there’s more people out there like that crazy girl?) [Yes,but she was known as a Hunter.] (What’s, a hunter?) [Unlike you Alex, Hunters have the capability to use the instruments, but only at a fraction of it’s power.] (What exactly is a Hunter?) [Hunters are are also known as Anti-Wielders. Little is known about them, or they’re plans to use the instruments. Only that they are willing to go to any lengths to obtain the power locked inside.] (It seems to make things easier for me. I’ll just have to keep the instruments from falling into they’re hands.) Although that is a worthy plan, you will not be able to stop The Wielders. They are the chosen ones you see, just like you. They have the ability to use the instruments at they’re full potential, like yourself. Once they have Synced with them that is.]

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