The Legend Of Gu-Tar

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Episode Eight

(Symphony, earlier you said to save or rule the world. What did you mean by that?) [It is said that some Wielders posses dark powers. They use this dark power to try and take over the planet. It’s even know that they will rule time as well.] (Wait,aren’t the instruments made for good?) [You are correct, but it is not the instruments that turn Wielders bad. It is The Wielder themselves who choose the dark path. You are different than the others young Alex. For you are the holder to one of the strongest instruments. The guitar used by the legendary warrior himself.] (Why did it choose me?) [That part still amazes me, I’ve never seen the guitar choose it’s Wielder so quickly. You, must posses extraordinary power within you. I can not wait to see what this journey has in store for you.] (Boy, this is really a lot to take in. I have so much more I’d like to know. Especially about the legendary warrior.) [More will be revealed to you, until we meet again Alex Singer.] A bright light flashes, and in the blink of an eye Alex awakes in a bed. (What the, where am I?) He hops out of bed and exits the room [I see your finally up my boy. Don’t worry, we’re safe and sound back at The Music Shop.] (The Music Shop? I thought it was trashed by Alicia.) [It was,but all is back to normal thanks to Symphony.] (How is that possible for her to do that?) [Well, she is also a Wielder lad. She is The Wielder to the instrument called, Time Harp.] (That’s totally awesome, so she can bend time?) [Not just bend it my boy. She can also control it, and travel back and forth through it as well.] (Wow, she’s that powerful?) [There is one downside, each instrument has a fragment of her power within it. So she is not at her full potential. Once this journey comes to an end, her powers will return to her.)

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