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-Dragon Quest-

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Nine elves and 3 humans go on a quest to return an egg stolen by humans. They're hit by physical and mental roadblocks, but that won't stop them. This was made by a twelve-year-old, there might be spelling mistakes.

Fantasy / Drama
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There are 7 ways of magic. Sun, lunar, forest, dark, blood, mind, and finally, sky magic. All of which have their own, unique things that they control. But one day, a human by the name of Nukpana, discovered mage magic. This type of magic takes the energy from magical creatures, it makes them weak. So, when Nukpana went to the elders to confirm mage magic into an actual element of magic, the elders sent him away. Nukpana would not take no for an answer so, unfortunately, he set the elven town of calopes ablaze to show the true power of mage magic. The elves were so frightened that they threw all humans out and divided the world in two, Asgard and Whitewind. The people of Asgard divided it into kingdoms, The elves, however, kept the towns and established clans.

There are seven elven clans, based on what kind of magic the elves can do. There are 5 human kingdoms, the Kingdom of Gavaria, the Taifa Dynasty, the Empire of Jimi, the Razohan Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Fyn. The Razohan kingdom is the most powerful. The humans revolted against the dragon king, and the battle lasted months but finally, the dragon king was dead. Now, the only one left was the dragon queen, she was much weaker than the dragon king, but she still fought. They ended her life, but unbeknownst to the humans, the egg of the dragon king and queen was not destroyed. A human mage known as Aldwin kept the egg in a secret room in the castle of Razohan. The king of Razohan’s grandfather was the killer of the dragon king, Razohan is known as “the better kingdom”, The other kingdoms hate the title but live with it.

The human mage had used magic to keep him young, he kept that egg so he could do tests on it. Aldwin made sure nobody found it, he hid it underneath the cellar, behind a rock wall with a password. Nobody could find it now, could they…? Well, They couldn’t until nine elves and three humans found the cellar…

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