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All because of Linus

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They were a match made in heaven, but too bad that they were in earth

Fantasy / Romance
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Fiance? More like Uncle

His mother promised her best friend that they would get their child married to each other. But both of them were boys. Prince Osias hated the idea of marrying a man.But until he met the prince who lives in the castle in the sky, his name was Linus. They looked at each other for the first time since they were born. Osias thought it looked like he would cry, but his heart skipped beats when he saw him. It’s been eight years since they had seen each other and Linus still has that same grin on his face. They didn’t say anything, they just stared at each other. They have met before! Osias thought he would be marrying a stranger, but it that friend from the woods .After some seconds, Linus spoke. “Your Majesty” Osias replied with another curtsy before looking away to look into the window. His mother smiled at her husband before walking towards Osias and Linus.

“Osias is going to be your future husband” she said while giggling happily. The prince looked up from the ground, eyes wide open. Osias looked back.

“Really?” he asked while staring straight into Osias's eyes. He could feel his cheeks getting hot under the gaze. His parents nodded while smiling like idiots.

"Hey! My uncle next door is the same age as you, I will call you uncle Osias then.


The first encounter wasn't that good for them.

But who knows what'll happen.. (ʕ°ɞ°ʔ)

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