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The Wizardry Woods

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Three close friends named George, James and Harry (narrator) are stranded in the woods. They are perplexed and are in search for anything luminous that could lead them out of this maze! However, they come across a an old and decrepit tent. The children are amused to see what has been stored inside the tent. They soon find an evil and vile wizard. After a long commotion the children are able to defeat the wizard and James and George are successful in rescuing their friend George.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Thud! I banged my head against the furrowed tree bark. Me and my three friends swindled in the menacing woods. I waded along the dirty clumps of leaves, in search to find light that would lead us somewhere. But the presence of light was unseen at all corners. Instead, the darkness loomed over and the celestial night sky bowed down. We were stranded in the woods and could not find our way.

The wind howled as we proceeded further to a luminous corner. I wasn’t sure what was in store for us, but anyway, we bolted towards it. Eventually, we reached the corner and to my surprise there was a dusty and dilapidated tent. It was lighted with a lantern that illuminated a shade of bright yellow. My friend entered in the tent with courage and might to see the equipment and other stuff inside it. I and James desperately waited for George to come out of the tent. No one came out of the tent. I called George in a vibrant tone but in return there was no reply. I couldn’t wait further so I entered in the tent. Oh my Goodness! What a mind-blowing sight it was! George sat there, crossed leg. He was sitting on the mat, paralyzed! I also noticed that his eyes were swirling in an eccentric pattern. The first thought that came into my mind was that he must’ve been hypnotized. I was about to get closer when a swarthy figure caught my attention. In front of George sat a black, hulking wizard. He wore a frayed circular cap, a jet-black cloak (with embroidery of sparks), a trouser that was torn from the bottom, and steel spectacles. He was entangled in the shadows of darkness and his face was quite invisible. About seeing me, he rose his wand and murmured a magic spell on me. As soon as I saw the faintness of the light from the erect wand, I picked up a rock to defend my self against it. Luckily, I was able to defend myself. But I knew that I was moderately weaker than the wizard. So, I called James from outside to assist me in fighting with the wizard. I wanted the matter to be rested so I asked the wizard what he wanted from me. He didn’t reply but I was 100% sure that he wasn’t liking me. James came in running. After some quick investigation, I spotted a note that was in the wizard’s pocket. I was successful in somehow fooling the wizard and as a result I got that note in my hands. It said: “Wizard Mr. Hypno it would be a pleasure If you Would serve for me but for that you need to collect and hypnotize as many children you can. They can be a great option and we can one by one finish every person on this universe. Earth will be our next stop and we can control it forever.” So, by reading this I got to know that he is a wizard and is planning secretly with someone to kidnap all the boys and mark the removal of all men, so they can establish a rule on Earth. The wizard was about to wage an attack on me. He got his wand in an upright position, pointing me he muttered some magical spell. I found a piece of broken mirror on the ground. In a jiffy, when the blue spark was released from the wand, I defended myself with the mirror. As a result, the spark reflected from the mirror and targeted the wizard. He was stuck in his own trick. As the spark crashed against him, a bright light flashed for a while. It came to a halt and when it was vanished the wizard was out of sight and nowhere to be seen! My friend George regained his senses. Me and my friends were so happy and felt pride upon defeating The Wizard Hypno.

While we were busy in this hype, night had been cut down and morning was replaced. We soon came out of the woods and were pleased to see the urban area. James and George went towards the bar shop to rehydrate themselves whereas, I headed towards my home. The sun smiled down at me and I grinned back in return. All in all, it was an eventful night!

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