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Heart of the Alpha Queen (Part 1 of the Alpha Queen series)

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Chapter 1

Queen Mab made her way to the dungeons. She hated this place, hated the reek of it. Every time she came down here she ended up scrubbing herself raw afterward, which was a pain. But one of her cadre would know better than to summon her here for nonsense. And for one of them to have the balls to summon her, it must be worth her wrath to do so. She rounded a corner and found Caspian falling to his knee because of her presence.

"My Queen. In here please." He looked so uncomfortable that she couldn't tell what ailed him, but she followed quickly because of the urgency in his voice. They came to a stop in front of a stone slab with the wolf-girl on top of it.

"Did she confess the location?" She demanded, hiding her disgust. This was his speciality after all. And she's made use of it for centuries. Even though she herself abhorred the practice of torture.

"She did, my Queen. But it seems we were misled by their Alpha King. It was never an artifact that we could take from them. It was their entire pack. Some sort of mystical bond from their pack to the others to keep them in line. I don't know the specifics, but she is the last of them. So if she dies, other wolf packs will go rabid. It's a pity we couldn't get their king or princess though. This one might be of no use at all, but there's still a chance if you could heal her, my Queen." He was down on his knee again.

The Queen understood his urgency now. If this girl was lost, all they'd worked for these ten years would be lost. Without the wolves... She couldn't allow that kind of thinking, so she lay her hands on the flayed flesh where the girls heart should be. This kind of healing when there was almost nothing left of the body... It would take a miracle to convince her soul to return.

"This will weaken me considerably, Caspian." She was suddenly annoyed with how good he was at his job. "You cannot let anyone see me in such a state. Use the passageways to get me to my bathing chamber. Now, stand guard and don't let anyone near." She dismissed him with a nod to the door, and began the arduous task.

Hours later Caspian was still standing guard just outside the door to his Chamber of Fun. He felt bad that his Queen had to work so hard because of him. But also proud that he'd done what she needed from him. After a whole year - unfathomable as that was - he'd finally broken the girl. Of course a year was a scant drop in the lifespan of the fae, but still... She was by far the toughest person he'd ever encountered.

Saber had defied his logic at every turn. A feat made even more impressive by the fact that she was not wolf-royalty. They were bred to be tough, but this girl was a servant in their pack. A low-born for certain. But after just a week in his care, he'd realized he'd fallen hopelessly in love with this girl. Of course he hadn't felt the need to let anyone know. She belonged to him in every way. And that was of no concern to anyone.

Caspian wasn't prepared when he heard his Queen slump to the floor. Rushing over, he picked her up from the floor and marveled at a soundly sleeping Saber on the stone table. After a healing of that magnitude, she'll be sleeping for a week. But he couldn't wait that long. He promised himself to take care of his Queen first and then he'd return. He knew she'd wake up as soon as she felt him inside her. And then she'll please him with her screams. And he'll feel his orgasm in his soul.

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