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Lost -RH- Cruel Boys of Wonderland

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It’s not until several moments after Ryder’s thanks to the gods, that I see a limo making its way toward us. Not just any limo, it’s a hummer in the color purple and it shimmers under the streetlights. The limo pulls up in front of us and the door opens. When it does a billow of smoke rolls out. A scent comes with the cloud of smoke, it’s weed. Damn good weed. I cough a few times. Ryder stares down at me in annoyance. “Come on you troublesome girl,” His big hand curls around my elbow and he drags me toward the door.

“I would say it’s been nice meeting you but I’m not one for lying,” Glaring at Ryder, I yank my elbow free from his grip.

“You’re not leaving.” Ryder squints his red eyes at me while cocking one of his white eyebrows.

Freak out.

That’s what I do.

Pills, how many of them did I take? Alice, surely you know not to get in this hummer with this stranger. Shaking my head, I straighten my spine.

“Yes, I am. My sister will freak out if I don’t get back to the club. Today’s my birthday. I can’t go missing on my birthday.” Keeping my fists balled at my side, I stare him down.

“Fuck me and my stupid fucking life. Blue?” Ryder leans into the open door of the limo.

“We need you, Alice.” A voice speaks from within the hummer. His voice is deep, and he speaks lazily. There’s something about it that is utterly hypnotizing. Next thing I know, I’m waving my hand through the cloud of smoke and taking a seat along the right side of the limo. Variations of purples, velvets, and leathers decorate the inside.

Once the smoke settles, Blue appears, sitting directly across from me. He’s holding a blue bong with purple mushrooms on it. His Blue wavy hair is pulled into a bun. Normally not my thing but it’s hot on him. He, like Ryder, has shaved sides and wears it long on top. Wearing a suede purple suit with a blue dress shirt—the first few buttons are undone—underneath, his ankle is resting on his knee as he grins at me, “Hellooo, Aliicce.” To clarify it’s an evil sort of grin.

Blue also has perfectly sculpted features. His purple almond-shaped eyes sparkle as they take me in. I squirm under his scrutiny or maybe it’s something else entirely. Tearing my eyes away from his, I stare at his blue suede shoes with a purple butterfly over the top of each shoe. There’s a ring on each one of his fingers, they’re clutching a lighter. He flicks his thumb over the flint wheel taking another hit off the bong. It bubbles as Ryder slides into the seat next to Blue.

“Guess she’s not one for talking,” Blue exhales another cloud of smoke. Ryder laughs it’s deep and glorious. I’m not high enough to not catch the fact that he’s laughing at my expense. “Oh, she talks and whines too.” Ryder smiles without showing his teeth. It’s smug.

There’s a snarky response on the tip of my tongue but it disappears instantly as I watch what happens next. Blue takes another hit and holds the smoke in his mouth. Ryder leans into Blue bringing their lips close enough together that I think for a moment that they might kiss. When Blue exhales the cloud of smoke, Ryder inhales it making the smoke gather in his mouth, wow do I like that. After holding the smoke for a moment Ryder lets the smoke out.

Clenching my thighs together, I concentrate on the open back door that we came in. My cheeks are on fire and I’m begging for a distraction or maybe a rabbit hole to fall down.

“Did that turn you on?” Ryder asks, something in his tone making the heat in my core grow. “Are we expecting another person?” I smooth out my blue silky dress and then start fiddling with my long blonde hair. Lifting my ends, I examine my rose gold pieces. Maddy talked me into it, and I don’t hate it.

“I asked you a question.” Ryder snaps and I jump. His gaze is burning into me. With red cheeks, I look him directly in his red eyes. Cranky Rabbit’s back. I could snap back, ‘so did I’ but I don’t. “Yes.” It comes out as a whisper.

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