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The Rejected goddess

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He never wanted to reject, he never thought he would be preparing to marry, a woman he did not love, but what can he do, when endowed with the responsibilities of the crown, he must reject her, but who knew that rejecting Lia could come with a great price.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

" I Brandon Scarlett, future Alpha of tropical pack rejects you Almelia island of tropical pack as my mate" Brandon Scarlett said to Almelia island his voice as gruff as it could ever be or should I say the first time his voice had been gruff, at least Almelia was sure to that extent, except if he spoke to other people gruffly but as to her he spoke rather gently, but today Brandon was queer. And she replied a little teary " you are joking right"

" I wish I was" he replied, with a snort, she could not hide her regret, and tears streamed down her cheek, as she remembered all the past times, how she and Brandon had gotten along, all their plays and All his promises. Everything they had done together and how good they had gotten along.

She never thought he would reject her, but she knew somehow Emeline had a hand in this. " Why" she asked with a trembling voice, he cracked his throat as a reply, then he said" you are not fit to be the next Luna of this pack"

Almelia's eyes widened, someone had totally set him thinking, because she had never thought of this before, of cause she was not loving him because she wanted to be the next Luna but this was true love." Brandon, how could you think that of me, who told you I love you because of my chances of being the next Luna if we married" Almelia asked all at once.

Brandon shot daggers at her, then he said with another snort, a rather quick one " no one told me, I just figured it out by my self " frustration was deep down his voice, he closed his eyes as if he were meditating, but he was not, he was trying to communicate with his wolf, who had all the time being saying " I warned you not to drink yesterday night, but you won't listen, now see the terror you are causing" and he replied " I can't help it"

something was definitely wrong and she saw it, his eyes were red and so she asked " Brandon, you've been drinking" her sadness turning to concern but he spoilt it all as he robbed his hands on his head " and smoking also, it's none of your business, now get out". Yes, they had been inside his study.

This was not the Brandon, she knew, the Brandon she knew was loving, playful and caring, but this was an exact opposite of him, this Brandon looks ruthless in the face, who knows of the character.

" No, I won't, not until you give me my desired answer" she said trying to be brave when deep down she was trembling, she swallowed her tears and tried her best to make a bold face, but when he growled " get out before, I shift".

Almelia, ran out, her doubt were confirmed, this new Brandon was also ruthless in dealing, and she guessed it had a lot to do with the new attitude of drinking and smoking like he said " and maybe a little with Emeline" something said inside her, but she ignored it.

Almelia got out of his chamber completely in tears and ran to her room, without stopping to greet anyone, since the day was just starting, she had gone to see Brandon early this morning, she ran because she didn't want any words of pity right now.

She entered her room and locked it up, then collapsed on her bed and began to recap how it all started, she had actually gone to remind him that her 16 year birthday was today, because he had said he had a special gift for her.

Then a sudden discovery shook open "So, the special gift was to get rejected", Medusa thought, as she stared dejectedly at the wall, Almelia didn't know how she would begin today's journey with a broken heart 💔, and she had only a few minutes left to prepare. " Today will totally be a mess" she concluded.

Almelia made a little mistake by saying those words because the day went just as she had said, which was weird.

She brought her hand to pick up a dry rag to clean up her face, then she noticed a Mark, which had never been there before, then she remembered when she noticed the mark was a half Moon.

The moment it had struck twelve midnight, there had been a super bright shine of the moon and a ray had directed itself, into her window, the ray made her wake, the ray targeted her palm and feasted on it, she tried to move her hand, but she lost against her soul that demanded for it.

She had thought that after seeing Brandon, they would both visit the library and see if they could find anything related to moon ray stuff, but she had decided against it the moment he rejected her.

" We could go together" that same thing said and this time she took notice, it spoke directly inside her and she asked " what are you" as she stood up and looked round whether she could see the owner of the voice and the cute and carefree voice said " I am Fiona, your wolf"

" My what…" she had started but a rough knock interrupted her, she rushed to it as the voice said " you know you can do it from here" and she replied " please spare me this moment" and the voice said" I get it, so that your friend won't think you're running mad, okay " and went numb.

At first, Almelia did not take notice of her wolf's last few words, but when She opened the door and saw her best friend Zoey, she realized what her wolf had said and became alarmed, how did she know when she's inside me, it was a great puzzle to crack for her, because when ever she had gone to visit Brandon, he never knew she was coming, not even this morning.

" hey, do you wanna break my door down" Almelia asked trying to cheer so as to hide the problems of this morning behind a smile, but it looks like Zoey was so angry as to notice it, " miss Bea asked us all to report for duty right now, she said it is about the mysterious moon glow" …

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