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My human best friend

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Story begins with a mermaid who came to land to survey the beauty of the land and saw a human boy who became friends with her and they both spend their days together enjoying the beauty of friendship unknown to them the storm that comes their way will separate them forever What do you think? Will they see each other again? Or will they remain forever separated? Let’s find out!!

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Did you see

Marina! Marina! Where are you? Mother searches for you, said Princess Attina( her sister)

Marina swarmed to meet her sister, what is it attina? She asked. My dear little sister, you went to the land again

Do you want mother to get angry with you, how many times has she told you never to swim across land again, what if a human catches you.

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Sis you worry a lot, Im being careful and no human will see me, thats for sure. Now stop being a worrywat and lets go play and today lets swim toward the south, i heard a ship will come sailing today, we can see some of the humans without them seeing us.

Nope! You go alone, im not ready to be seen yet, what if they capture us, Nah ill pass this one out

C'mon Attina be brave ok

We are princesses and who would dare hurt us, Dont forget mermaids have the power to defend and hurt others instead and we are royalty, our powers at at least 10 top notch above others, the humans should be the ones who should be afraid, Please pretty please attina

Ok Ok Ok lets go but just this once ok; said attina

Yes yes i promise just this once, you are the best sis

They bothe called their friends, Adella, Belle and Haven

As they swarm towards the south, adella asked if it was safe and an enthusiastic marina said it was very safe and they could protect themselves, swimming happily, laughing and chattering on their way, they failed to notice the evil calypso watching them from afar

On the ship

Daniel, the prince of the southville village was going for a friends birthday and unprepared for the surprise coming his way was watching the waves of the sea when he noticed something in the river! Alarmed!!

He called his right hand man and friend, joshua come see!

What is it my prince?

Look closely at the river, can you see something, like a mermaid

Joshua looked at the handsome prince and laughed and said 'cmon prince have you been watching too many dramas, mermaid don't exist, they are just stories

You must have seen wrongly, he said and left

Afraid that he might have seen wrongly, Dani sighed and went inside the cruise

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