Jonathon Postlethwaite and the Seed of Corruption

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Jonathon and Milly sat outside the dimension door from which they had emerged and took in the sights, tastes and sounds of their new world. It was night. Above them, in the deep, dark velvet of a winter’s sky, so different from the Tallmens’ pale imitation, the uncountable stars twinkled a welcome to them. At the foot of the grassy bank below them, a moonlit gurgling stream whispered invitations to a new world . Jonathon embraced Milly tightly and gazed into her eyes as Milly looked back into his eyes and detected anxiety lurking there.

“Is it all over now?” she asked tentatively and then, before Jonathon could reply. “The beast will be here soon won’t he?” she continued, a nervous edge creeping into her voice. Jonathon sighed and turned to the cave where the dimension door, from which they had only emerged a short while ago, still pulsed its rainbow colours.

“As long as the gate remains open there is still a Dubh, still that sick place, still Silus Flax. But while it remains open our friend still has a chance to escape too. I don’t know how long the Field Walls will remain intact after the Power Reservoir is put in the machine.............I’m worried Milly.” he admitted. “He should have been here by now.”

They kept their vigil until the dull red glow of rising sun diffused itself into the soft dark canopy of the night sky and extinguished the friendly stars. A cold, dawn wind rose and blew steadily from the North, accompanied by the rising of a background hum of car engines as the town awoke.

Jonathon shivered. It was as like the hum of the Halls of Machines, a sound that had always been present in his life. He shivered again. Something dark and cold touched had his soul, a laughing voice echoed faintly inside his head.

“Wait for me my beautiful boy, we are destined to be together”

Milly shook him back to his senses.

“Look! Look in the gate, something’s happening!”

Jonathon looked apprehensively. A shadow was creeping slowly down the tunnel of light. For a moment Jonathon saw an unmistakable hunched form, the horned helmet......

A dull boom sounded from deep tunnel of whirling light, its walls flickered, stabilised tantalising, then flickered ominously again. There was a dark stain creeping up behind the shadow of the Turkanschoner, stretching out grim fingers that slowly enveloped and grasped the familiar shadow. Abruptly the dimension door blinked out of existence.

Jonathon stared blankly at the now dark cave.

“So near yet so far.” he gasped, attempting to hold back the tide of grief which was welling up inside of him. Milly held him tightly. “He’s doing it again Milly. He took him like all the rest. Somehow he’s still there, still somewhere, still alive! ”

Together they wept as the dull red orb of the winter sun edged slowly over the horizon and some dark wisp of a cloud cast a shadow on its bloody face.

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