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Life & Love according to Barnatum Kragtank

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Just imagine you are a Troll or a Dwarf or even a Goblin and life is treating you like crap. You have questions but no one to turn to to get the answers.... WELL NOW YOU DO ! Take the hilarious ride into the mind and teachings of Barnatum Kragtank as he guides you through life's most troubling questions that are given to him by his faithful followers. His answers are colourful, direct and to the point. So get cosy and comfy, give yourself a break and have a laugh with him. Another observation altering story from GMB61. Please Enjoy. 18+ Adults Only ( some of the language is a bit rough...just warning you is all )

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Many years ago, around the time colour television was introduced to the waiting world I found some old parchments in a rotting tree in a disused kids park and the task to write them down for the world, before they shuffled off the mortal coil and disintegrated into compost was made while riding the train home from work.

Ostensibly I translated and shared his teachings to make a buck and further enhance this Authors stature within those who allowed me to print it in here and maybe get a book sold. So therefore with dollar signs in my eyes, my arms loaded to the hilt with legal libel literature pertaining to ripping off everything I could, having a decent supply of totally un healthy food that could clog the arteries of a charging elephant at 400 paces and choke a Rhino I set out on my quest to create a parody and satirical look at some aspects of what I see in everyday life and I'm guessing...you have already clicked on the link and started reading this ....so thank you.

( clock up another one on the old analytics meter)

So in closing I just want you to have a laugh, after all... we are only this planet for a short time and we best make the most of it and the more you read and tell people about this the better my figures look.


Then again if you listen really really hard you might be able to hear the analytics tick over.

So wrapped in a doona, wearing more layers of clothes that only just allow the blood supply to get to my fingers because its winter and colder than a mother-in-laws kiss, I present to you......

'Life According To Barnatum Kragtank'

Author. GMB61.

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