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A group of kids suddenly got chosen to be the next fairytale characters... but wait...why is Prince Charming not happy and what is Snow white hiding

Fantasy / Romance
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Story Day

Harriet's POV:

Today's the day. The day when my whole future is settled. The day which decides whether I'm good or bad. Today is Story Day.

Funny isn't it? All our lives we've been taught nothing but how to behave well but today will change everything. I can't believe this shit. I've been taught how to cast spells, slay dragons and behave like a princess yet all it takes is for a fairytale character to choose me and that's it I follow their footsteps whether I like it or not.

Today is the scariest day ever ,even scarier than the day you die because today decides your future making everything in your past meaningless.

Take this for example, if you're chosen to be let's say , the wicked stepmother and your best friend is chosen to be Cinderella that basically means that you're gonna have to treat her horribly and watch her leave with her prince charming whether you like it or not. The sad part is no one dares to go against their storyline because once you do, you will cease to exist.

Of course some people prefer to cease to exist. It has happened a lot of times like when prince charming fell for the wicked stepsister instead of Cinderella. He went against his storyline and therefore was taken away from existence and was replaced.

The people in charge are called The Assembly of the Future. They are the people who train you and ensure that you follow the rules. You being chosen solely relies on the previous fairytale character.

Once every single fairytale is completed, everything resets and the previous fairytale characters choose their successor and moves on with their normal life like nothing ever happened.

Story Day is like a spinning wheel. You never know when it's gonna land on. You'll be lucky if it doesn't land on your school and lucky me, my school was chosen ( note the sacarsm). You can be picked to live your fairytale at any age but your story will start the moment you hit eighteen.

I arrived at school. The school was buzzing with both excitement and fear. I looked over at the jocks, it was clear that some of them would be chosen as princes. I wonder how they could be so happy. Don't they know after today there's nothing to look forward to in life. Even when we're done with our stories and get back to our old lives, nothing will ever be the same. If your story says you suffer you suffer. If your story says you have to get married with some random stranger , you get married to a random stranger.

I walked into my classroom. The teacher wasn't there, not that he needs to be here. Who knows? at the end of the day his entire class might be shifted to another and he would have to teach new students. I sat beside my bestie, Laura, it was obvious she would be a princess.

I mean look at her blonde hair, it literally looks like the shining sun and don't get me started on her cheek bones. I've always been in her shadow, people usually call me Laura's maid. People actually think I'm gonna end up being her maid.

" Harriet. Aren't you excited today is the day. The day I get to be Cinderella or maybe Aurora,NO, Snow white. I always wanted to be snow white." Her eyes were sparkling. " You do know snow white had black hair right?" I said

" Yeah but you know that's not necessary. As long as I'm chosen it's settled". She did have a point. Although your looks mattered a lot it didn't have to be precise.

Suddenly, Asher slash class president said. " Hey Harriet, I see you're already preparing for the role of one of the seven dwarfs, just keep kissing Laura's ass like that and maybe you'll get to live in our castle" and then immediately everyone started laughing. I had to laugh along, not that I liked his joke. It's just you never know whose going to be who. You just have to suck up to everyone incase you get unlucky. Yup that's everyday of my fucking life.

"Don't listen to him, I'm sure you'll get chosen to be a princess or something" Laura reassured but she didn't sound so sure. Great! even my best friend doesn't think I'll have a happily ever after. I wonder why you have to be princess or a prince to have a happily ever after. It's just dumb.

The sound of trumpets burst through the classroom. Oh no ! It's time.

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