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Howard's Wonderful Wizarding Adventure

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Netia, the goddess of destiny and humanity, has created a being of near-godlike power, a Hero. Heroes are only made in desperate times, yet she refuses to explain to her fellow gods why she made it. Enter Howard P. Tackett, a 15 year old boy trapped in the spirit world Merrah, desperate to get out. However, his scheduled date of birth is 600 years into the future, far longer than normal. So the sympathetic goddess Pollythene lets him out into the physical world Tendrid on one condition: find the Hero and bring it to her.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A sudden call from nothing, a birthing of energy and matter, condensed into a will-given form. A call into something. An Overspace of emptiness, begging to be filled. Blink and there shall be light. Breathe and there shall be air. Weep and there shall be water, and bleed and there shall be life.

You are a god.

A gift to the space you fill, to the hollowness you make whole. Your entire purpose of being, your core identity, is only what you create. Know that all you create is lesser, inferior. But in time, it can be more.

Despite this choking emptiness, you are not alone. There are millions of gods who seek to do the same as you. Despite this oppressive nothingness, there is always Something Higher or Something Lower, but Something regardless. Beware the Higher, for they see you as a meal. Consume the Lower, for they are at your mercy. Know that power is security, and what you create is a testament to your power.

What you create is to be guarded with your whole essence, a precious child of your boundless creativity. Know that all you create is all that empowers you. You are nothing if you create nothing. There will be those who come after all you create to weaken you.

Supplement power with creation, but know that predation is the path to true power.

There were six gods, Iroth, Jorne, Pollythene, Netia, Orina, and Vorphane. They sought to create, but were among the lowliest of gods. They decided to band together instead of fighting, to create something truly wonderful. And so they created Tendrid, the physical universe along with Merrah, the spiritual universe. What would perish on Tendrid would have a place in Merrah, guided by Jorne and judged by Iroth. Orina would create the earth and Pollythene would create the seas and Vorphane would construct the fiery core. Orina would create the model of life, which she used to make the plants and animals. Pollythene would adapt the model to the seas and Netia would splash it with Chaos magic to create humans

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