Voodoo Queens of New Orleans

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Chapter 22: It's Getting Late

All I’m going to say before you guys start this chapter is that it was very hard for me to write the second half of this update in public.


It was ironic, how quickly the tables had turned.

The last time we’d known each other, Hezekiah intentionally bed me without even “bedding” me at all, successfully using me as a passage to steal what belonged to Mama and the Coterie. I felt like an idiot for letting that happen. My body gave into him so easily, hypnotized by his touch and his mastery of the female body. Goddammit, I was completely submissive to him that night.

But now, the tables have turned. Oh, how they’ve turned.

Now, my hands were pushed into Hezekiah’s firm chest until his back was against the couch completely. I let him know that this time, I was in control. And he was willing to play along only because I had teased him to the point of him needing me before going insane. I moved my hips against his thighs, grinding against his manhood slowly, almost agonizingly slow. He clenched his jaw so tight I thought he would break his teeth.

“Have you been thinking about me still?” I asked him, my nails running down his shirt until his bare chest was exposed to me.

He managed a smirk, “How bad you want the answer to be yes?”

I thought about his reply for a moment, wondering how elated I would have been if he indeed had been thinking about me; thinking about me in the sundress he imagined me in the night he came into my room.

I thought about you wearing this tight little sundress—one to show off all of your curves...

My hands stopped dangerously close to his crotch. He was hard - very hard. I took advantage of this, swinging my legs around so my back was against his chest, my ass right on his dick. He expelled an animalistic growl; I felt it radiate in my gut and between my legs, my pussy pulsing to the beat of my rapidly-thumping heart. I continued rotating my hips against him, gradually sliding my romper lower down my body.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I said to him, gathering the courage to lean my whole body against him. I wish I could have seen the look on his face when I said this; I felt the tenseness of his muscles and knew his face matched. He was trying to resist, the more I was deteriorating his tough exterior.

Suddenly, Hezekiah wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I gasped, my body tight against his. His other hand was then placed around my neck, tilting it to one side. I refused to breathe until he made another move.

“Let me,” he said lowly into my ear, taking my glasses off stealthily. That was his answer - his answer to my previous question. He wanted to feed on me; he wanted my blood, almost needed it by the impatience in his voice. I knew if I said no, I would be on the losing side. Giving him what he wanted - feeding his ego - would get me closer and closer to him completely lowering his guard long enough for me to exact my revenge.

“Go ahead,” I whispered. “Not too hard, though.”

“I don’t wanna scar that pretty little neck of yours, babygirl,” he replied sarcastically, and before I could snap back snarkily, I felt an intense, sharp pain on the right side of my neck that traveled to the right side of my face, burning my eyes and sending a piercing pain to my head. I sucked in a sharp breath once his teeth rested in my flesh. I felt blood expelling out, but Hezekiah quickly sucked it out of me and from around my skin before it could travel any farther. I whimpered once I felt his tongue licking up the excess before he pulled his teeth out of me, and once again over the puncture wounds until the pain settled to a slight sting. I let out a forbidden moan at the feeling of his tongue and mouth against my skin. I let out a breath; Hezekiah sighed. The pain in my neck, surprisingly, did not last as long as I thought it would. It wasn’t as painful as the first time he bit me; when he tried to turn me into a vampire. That pain was excruciating.

I turned around to find Hezekiah leaning his head back with my blood stained on his mouth and chest. His eyes were completely inked black, just like at the Jubilee when he fed on Sugar. The veins beneath his eyes were the same color as an abyss, slowly deteriorating as he savored the blood running through his system. And once I caught my own breath, I took his brief moment of weakness and used it to my advantage, pushing his back down onto the couch cushions. When the obsidian of his eyes retreated back to his pupils, he stared confused at me with his heated gaze. I sat on top of him, my hands on his torso. Once my romper came off, he knew what was next. But for me? I didn’t know how far I was going to take it. I was surprised I took off my clothes completely, sitting on top of him in nothing but my bra and panties.

“Take off your shirt,” I said down at him. He licked his lips and cocked a brow at me until I said “please.” That’s when he took off his tunic with alarming speed. I sighed quietly when his body was bared to me - the muscled defining his stomach and arms. I ran my fingers over it again like the night in my room, only this time I had complete access, and I believed I had complete control. His deep copper skin contrasted beautifully against mine, cold to the touch. And that’s when it hit me. I should have known this would happen; that bloodsucker charm Mama kept warning me about. I felt it, all right. I felt it between my legs until I was throbbing for him inside me. I knew I wasn’t supposed to take it that far; Erzulie only asked that I seduce him. But I couldn’t help myself.

Don’t fuck him, Lisa. Don’t you dare fuck him!

Erzulie was smart. She knew this would happen. I felt her presence in the room - inside of me - and knew that she wanted this to happen. Even with five fucking people in the goddamn closet, she wanted it to go that far.

And it did.

I unbuttoned and unzipped Hezekiah’s pants and yanked them off; he let me. He was naked underneath me - his body was godly, firm and muscular in all the right places. I stared at his cock, fully erect from the blood I let him take from me. I then hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties, but clearly, I was taking too long because Hezekiah grunted and ripped the fabric of my underwear apart with one rough pull and yanked what used to be my panties from underneath me before throwing them to the other side of the attic. I only had time to gasp in shock before Hezekiah grabbed my hips and forced me into him. I whimpered out and widened my eyes, not because of what he did, but because he was much bigger than I had anticipated. Hezekiah smiled widely at my reaction to his dick.

That cheeky son of a bitch.

I wondered what everyone in the closet was thinking, knowing I was fucking a vampire. Not just any vampire, though - Hezekiah Mercier, specifically. They could hear the sounds - the pants, the moans, the “Oh Christ, you’re huge" that I embarrassingly panted out once. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it - I enjoyed every minute. I convulsed around him as I motioned my hips, seeing the enjoyment on his face. He hadn’t said a word. Not until he decided to take control. And it was funny, almost hilarious, even. The moment I decided I was going to reach for Aubade from underneath the cushions and jam it into his flesh, the moment he decided to flip me over onto my back, his body hovering on top of me. I stared up at him, mouth agape, still feeling his dick inside me but not moving in and out like before. I didn’t know what to think; what to do next. I wanted him to keep going, but I wanted to execute my plan.

Suddenly, Hezekiah pushed himself deeper into me. I whimpered loudly, digging my nails into the couch. Propping himself up with his hands, he continued to fuck me. Hard. Every thrust had to be only half a second apart with his manhood hitting the right spot inside me nearly every time. I had never had sex like this in my whole life; the couch was crying beneath us. I moaned his name and arched my back, closing my eyes as he thrust even harder.

“You like my cock inside you, babygirl?” he asked me, smiling menacingly at the effect he had on me.

“Do you like being inside me?” I replied, throwing the question back at him.

“Yeah,” he answered, grunting. I knew I was winning over him and his willpower more than before when he said that; he answered my question before I answered his, with a hint of desperation in his voice.

As he continued to thrust in and out of me, I knew I was moments away from climaxing (while Hezekiah hadn’t even broken a sweat). I realized I hadn’t thought this through completely; I had to plunge Aubade into him before I was the one that succumbed to Hezekiah once again.

I placed my hands on his ass, slowly trying to reach and caress his back, but suddenly he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head with a quickness that made me gasp. The look on his face was stone cold; deadly. His hold on me grew tighter until I thought of something I could say to recuperate from my screw up - a screw up that had no motive on his end; either he knew that I was trying to weaken him with my touch to stab him, or he didn’t want me to touch him there at all.

“Bite me again,” I said to him. “I know you want to.”

His dark expression lightened. “Can you take it?” He said, toying with me. I nodded and gritted my teeth, bracing myself as he leaned down and sank his razor sharp teeth into my flesh once again. I cried out, overwhelmed with feelings of pain and pleasure. I could feel the life slowly being drawn from me as he savored my blood again. A moaned escaped his mouth; that was the first time I’d heard him moan that way, overtaken so deeply with arousal as his hunger for me was satiated every passing minute. His hands slid up from my wrist to grip the arm of the couch as he, slowly, motioned himself in and out of me again while drinking from my neck. His body above me relaxed as he did this; this was the most vulnerable, weakened state Hezekiah Mercier would ever be in. And if I didn’t act now, all hope would be lost.

I prayed Erzulie was watching still. I prayed that she would commit to her word and send Hezekiah unconscious with the power of Aubade. And I prayed that I would prevail.

And I did.

My hand reached from underneath the couch cushions until I felt the cold blade in my hand. And without another moment of doubt, I tightened my hand around the handle and plunged the blade into Hezekiah’s heart. Immediately, he pulled his teeth out of me and sucked in a long breath. Then he looked at me from above, crimson dripping from his mouth and onto my chest, his eyes black as a relentless night. They were wide, his eyes - wide and in shock, with his mouth open to let the flies in. I was too shocked to move, so I sat beneath him and waited.

I waited.

And waited.

We both waited.

Hezekiah looked down at the blade still deep in his heart. His eyes grew even bigger when he realized what it was and quickly, he pulled himself out of me and jumped off the couch. I sat up and stared at him with the most gut wrenching fear plaguing me. Because since Erzulie lied, Hezekiah would kill me. And if he couldn’t kill me, he was going to kill everyone else in the attic.

Perhaps the whole house.

“You sneaky little bitch,” he growled at me. “Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time you tried to kill me?”

Hezekiah didn’t bother to put his clothes on. He stood proudly in front of me, naked and aware of the fact that my plan hadn’t worked. I was brought to this harsh reality when he slowly pulled the dagger out of his chest, barely a coating of black substance staining the blade. The wound on his chest remained dry, a clear indication of Hezekiah’s immortality.

“I almost fell for it,” he said, laughing quietly. “I’ll admit, you almost had me.”

He stood painfully still as I scurried to try and put my clothes back on. I didn’t know if reasoning with him would work; his stare was menacing, anger manifesting and fermenting every second. Knowing that Erzulie has forsaken me and our deal, I settled for the only other option.

“It’s getting late,” I said. Hezekiah furrowed his brows at me before Jonathan and Miss Aza jumped out of the closet, Jonathan’s blessed crossbow aimed at Hezekiah’s heart. But we all knew that the crossbow didn’t have enough power to kill or significantly harm an Elder vampires like Aubade did.

No one said a word then. Aza’s eyes shifted from me, to Hezekiah’s naked body and then to Aubade in his hand. I knew they heard everything, but I was too preoccupied with not getting killed to be overcome with embarrassment.

I could see it in Jonathan’s eyes - he wanted badly to kill Hezekiah where he stood. And Hezekiah wanted to do the same upon seeing the vampire hunter; he was going to, narrowing his eyes on the tall prey in front of him. But then, he stopped. His whole body just froze as his eyes lightened. He blinked several times before placing a hand on his chest, and that’s when I saw it - a bright, orange glow surrounding the puncture wound to his heart. Hezekiah’s gaze became lazy, trying his best to regain the strength and vigor he held before. But once Aubade began to glow before slowly deteriorating and turning into dust in his hand, that’s when I knew that Erzulie Freda had not forsaken us after all.

Hezekiah staggered back, the burning of his heart only growing brighter. “What you did?” He asked me. “Wh-what you done to me?”

I didn’t speak. I watched in awe as Hezekiah’s physical state weakened. He tried to hold on to the small table for support, but only continued to keep losing his balance.

“What voodoo you done to me?!” He demanded, his voice faint but assertive. His eyes were bright, growing brighter the weaker he got, almost like the sun itself. Aza was brave enough to follow him as he stumbled around the attic, refusing to give in. And when he looked at her, it was almost like he saw a ghost.

"You," he said right before collapsing on the ground. After a silent minute, I got up and rushed over to his body. His eyes were still wide open, illuminated to a faint glow similar to the vampires that succumbed to the Silver Syndicate’s weapons. I thought he was dead; I thought I killed him. But when Jonathan came over and examined Hezekiah’s body, he assured me he wasn’t. I heard a sigh of relief escape Aza’s mouth while Jonathan stared at Hezekiah’s unconscious body with pride.

I didn’t know what to feel.

Kizzy, Rocio and Esther finally came out of the closet, treading lightly as if an evil presence was still among us. Esther gasped and covered her eyes when she saw Hezekiah’s body. Kizzy was the only one brave enough amongst them to get close to him. Her eyes studied his nakedness for a moment before she nodded.

“Impressive,” she said down at him. Aza turned and gave Kizzy a disapproving expression.

“What?” She whined. “I was talking about her job well done.”

No one was brave enough to talk about exactly what I did to get Hezekiah in that state, but I knew they were judging me. And I had to force myself to see my effort as one filled with pride, not shame, as I covered Hezekiah’s lower body with a bed sheet from the corner.


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