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The Secret Forbidden Garden

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A teenage girl tries to ran away from her family but got herself into an accident, and lost her memories then find herself entertained about her past self, then suddenly a new adventure was waiting for her

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"I hate reality, I really despise it

that i can't even stand it anymore.

If i could just live inside my Fantasymind......... Forever."

"Why am i living? What for? And what's my purpose? the world did nothing but let me suffer while i'm living. When will my pain fade away, when will the world would finally end. "

"Dear Diary

I've already have enough, i don't want to live anymore, if i could just die right now or probably just disappear and never come back"

I don't know what to do anymore.......

It is raining, i packed some important stuff in my bag, as i running Far away From my Family, the weather is getting heavier everyplaces are foggy, i can't see clearly.

Suddenly a random bicycle that drove so fast that he crashed into me, that i accidentally hit my head on to a street lamp post then my body fell down to the ground, my head hit the ground so hard i opened my eyes and i look up to the dark foggy sky, and suddenly everything is red, i closed my eyes and rest.

I open my eyes and seeing a clear white clean ceiling, I looked around and saw an old looking woman inside the room looking outside at the window. I can't remember what happened to me nor who am I? I tried to speak, but my voice is so weak. Suddenly a strange man came into the room and noticed me awake.

"Lady Belia? Are you awake? "

The man came to me, and the old woman comes to me and tearing in front of me happily, I was confused that time, who are this people?, what happened to me?, where am I?,and who am I?.

Hours later a fine man and woman came into the room, they teared up as soon as they saw me.

The doctor asked me random questions about me, and I haven't answered anything because I do not know who was I, and it is said it turns out that i have this called "Amnesia" i don't know what is amnesia is i ask what is amnesia to the Doctor, and it explains it to me, that it means that i've forgot everything my memories in the past.

My "Parents" became downcast about me because of my situation, as days go by, I learned to myself that I am the daughter of the President in our country. My father is known as the richest politician in our country, and many people adore him because of his kindness and love for the country.

But in this diary that my oldself written that "He is not".

as I've read, "Date 12th of December,

Dear diary, exact the day on my birthday, my father arrange me a marriage, even I'm just in the age of 12, I disagreed and fought my father about it. He said that I need to "Grow up" and stop the nonsense about "Fantasy" and start facing Reality."

And because of this diary, I've known and learn about my old self, and that I understand it, why she ran away before the accident, All of the story of her life was written in this notebook, that is she always writting every day about what happened on those old days.

I've seen myself entertained reading her diary or should i say probably my diary, but sometimes for me, I couldn't see myself to her, that I don't see myself as "Lily", but see myself as "Aerlynn E. Belia"

"Lily" is a type of person who is obsessed about fantasy and reading and most likely to dislike studying, While me, here so much different about her hobbies.

Her room is so clean, yet so nerdy, her room is full of book shelf and full of fantasy adventure novels. I saw a book called "The Secret Forbidden Garden", which is Lily's favorite novel. A male good looking protagonist trying to save the people from the curse in his world, but ending up dying himself.

It is already mentioned in this diary the ending of this book, but it is still interested me to read it, and I've also read her diary that she also put imagination scenarios on her head that she was in the book with the protagonist and they've successfully saved the people on his world.

Someone knocked on Aerylnn's door as she opens it and saw her mother.

"Mother? Do you need something?"

Aerylnn suddenly felt strange that her mother visited her in her room, they most likely to meet eachother everytime they're eating together in the dining room.

"I- yes, Lily my darling......Me and your Father needs to talk to you about something important about you, Can you please come? "

Her mother ask her nicely as she gives her a sweetsoft smile.

Aerlynn nodded.

"Sure mother, I'll just bring this book back to the shelf and i'll come down stairs"

She said with a cute smile on her face. Her mother kissed her forehead and says

"Thank you" then she left.

Aerlynn closed the door after her mother leaves then straigthen her face,. Aerlynn thought to her self that the topic would be is that she's going to get married to the boy that is Lily talking about in the Diary.

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