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Me after dusk

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Pain, my legs scream in pain, all I wanted see my two sister's face for a last time. My life wasn't a happy one to be live, but at least I have got two loving sisters who shall be waiting for my return. I shouldn't been here, when I clearly warned not to cross the path after dusk. Me After Dusk.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I ran and ran all the way in forest , resting behind the tree after running for hours and hours I know that I couldn't smell them anymore, they aren't near me, I am far away from their touch but fear consumes my full body...In light of the full moon I saw my dirty hands and kept them on my chest, I can feel no heart beats. I use my same dirty hands to shut my mouth and nose to silent myself, and scared they might hear my breaths and it leads towards me but forgot I cannot breath now. I am Maya Jones, seventeen years old, studying high school and I live in the small town called Hillisding.

My father and mother died in a car accident when I was two years old baby. My two sisters are twelve and nine years older than me, but still they care me like their own child. To me, they both are my world. We live in hillisding in our own house. We do have tea easte and that is only income we three sisters share. After my parents, it was my two sisters took care of a tea business under my uncle's as our guardian. After the right time comes, my two sisters took care of tea business fully. My both sisters married to their best friends. My first sister, Mira Jones became Mira Jonathan and she is the mother of two lovable kids, and my another sister Mariya Jones had became, Maria Stephen and she is pregnant with her baby now.

Watching the full moon and cherishing my sweet thoughts about my sisters. Seeing the moon fade slowly, and the sky ripping its dark colour into lighter one, And suddenly I cannot able to lift my body up and I feel like my body is been heavy, it's like glued on the spot. It was the same thing happening for past one weeks after I had passed the forest path, where it was clearly warned by my brother in law Jonathan, not to cross the path. My eyes started to blur, slowly darkness consumes my eyes fully.

"Hey, you get up" a femine voice said. A voice?, I jerked up in horror and immedtialy started to run, a hand griped me tightly and realised I didn't move an inch from my place. Closing my eyes tight and I started to pray God. A manly voice laughed echoed, afraid to see them, I again started to pray God a loud. "Ivy, did you see that? This girl is praying to the God" that male voice said again "Lucas, she looks terrified. Girl, you no need to fear us, we are like you. No harm to you, open your eyes" she cooed. Her sweet sistersly voice remained me of my own sisters. I opend my eyes to see pair of vibrant eyes staring at me back. I could feel my hands were released from the tight grip. "I am ivy" she said with pleasant smile " Hi.. I am Maya Jones" I spoke her back in my tiny voice. "And hey I am Lucas" said the man who stood near me.

I smiled a bit in response. "Which clan you belongs too?" Ivy asks. "Clan? What is clan?" I asked her back. Ivy and Lucas who stood behind her exchanged their looks. "Where are you from?" Lucas questioned me. "I am from hillisding, my brother in law and some people were chasing me to kill me and I some how managed to escape and ended up here". Lucas cocked his one of eyebrow "brother in law?". "Yes brother in law, he and his mens were so fast, they can jump from heights and they can rip trees in their own bare hands. Believe me they can do it! " I told them with fear in my eyes. They both chuckled in response. "Maya, I don't know what creature you have met, you should be more clear, is your brother in law and his men's are just a humans? Because there are many inhumans are in the world, can you specify somethin,. Like is he a werewolve, a demons or vampire like us?" She asked.

"What are you saying about vampire like us?" Memories flashed in my mind. Woods, thieves and whispers. Yes, they made me something different but don't know it must be a vampire . I saw both ivy and Lucas who had flashed their two pointed fangs. "I am a vampire too?" I asked them unbelievably again. May be they say no, they would say I just had some fungal infections that's all. "Obviously you are a vampire, so you saying you don't have a clan?, who turned you by the way?" Ivy asked . "I was in the woods and saw group of men who wears red uniforms. One of the man caught me behind and another one caught my face between his fingers, I was terrified and used my brother in law Jonathan name who works as local cop, but the man smirked in response and everyone chuckled around me. Then he bit me on my neck so bad, after that they all started to whisper, I didn't understand anything. Later I felt like I was dragged by some people, when i woke next day I feel some thing like I have been changed, I saw dark patches around my body, like this" I only showed ivy my dark patches in my arms, legs and neck but Lucas peaked in, I didn't like.

"Well, you are a new born vampire but we don't know why your brother in law is after you" Ivy replied after thinking little bit. "You can come with us and tell everything when you see our coven's leader and we can somehow figure it out" she added. Ivy, a tall women looks like she is in my sister's age and by the look of Lucas he should be studying his college. They look harmless but I don't know I can believe them to go with them "I do have a second sister, can you please take me there. I can explain to her about my situation and I badly wanted to meet my both sisters" I pleaded them. Lucas straighten himself and started to talk "Sure, we can take you there. But first we needed to know what happend to you and who is that red uniform men's then what is your brother in law why is he and his men's were searching for you?"

Walking all along in the forest, they were asking about my family. I was saying them about my sisters and how I grew with them. They also gave me beetroot juice which taste different but good and it gave me energy too walk faster than I usually walk. They only ask about me and deny to share about them, which makes me to stop sharing a lot about my whereabouts and worried about my sisters that I might bring them trouble if I share about them a lot. So when they raise questions I lied them mostly. "You see, there is an cave within an kilometer, can you please move little bit faster. It is going to be day already" lucas said hurriedly to me. I know if day comes I cannot move from my place so I almost ran with them to that cave. It was coverd by more plants and rocks. They opened the cave with chanting mantras. Quick we all entered in and it was closed automatically. Lucas lit the light amd i saw a small cave with few beds and candles. "These are the ancient caves build by Draculas in olden days" said ivy. "It helps us from getting away from sun" lucas said "how long we stay here?" I asked them "ofcourse until sunsets" both replied me.

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