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Flower Girl

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A girl named Alyssa is planning to escape her home as she feels stressed. Will she succeed or will she get caught

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Once Upon a Time~

There was a girl named Alyssa. She was known as the most beautiful girl who lived in the Flower Forest. Her mother was known as the queen of that forest. So if people wanted to build something or chop down a tree, they have to ask her. Alyssa didn't have a father. Rumors have it that her mother has killed her father. Alyssa had a best friend named Linda. Linda was poor and lived with her mother, but Linda had a big heart. Alyssa had magical powers where she could grow plants. She could also tell if a plant is poisonous or not. Bees and butterflies often climbed on her because of the pollution she had on her. Alyssa had beautiful blonde hair and hazel eyes, she was so beautiful that some people were jealous, but...she wasn't perfect. She was still human. Her mother didn't care much about her. She only cared about people loving her. Alyssa had one dream though, she dreamed that one day she would run away and leave a happy life without the stress her mother gives her. Alyssa didn't want to be like her mother where she had to marry a random man to be queen. She knew that she wouldn't be happy if that happened. But they were a problem with her plan, she had guards protecting her so she doesn't escape or get kidnapped. So she made a plan. Alyssa was a pretty forgetful girl so instead of trying not to forget her plan, she wrote on a paper what she would do. Hopefully, she doesn't lose the paper. Here is the list:

1. Become friends with at least one of the guards(and other people if necessary) 2. learn mother and guards' routines so you know what time to go 3. Pick a time a day a year and a month to escape 4. escape with friends AND YOUR FREE!!!!!

This was going to be hard because a lot of people fear the queen so who wouldn't be scared of her daughter, she still needed to follow what was on the list. But Alyssa didn't want to escape now, she didn't have any tools or things to help her. So the next morning she would look for berries (safe and poisonous), leaves fallen logs (she can't chop down trees her mother might find out) hard sticks, and sharp rocks and sneak into old man jimmy gosh dang Diggy di farm for some wool and leather.

The next morning Alyssa completed some of the tasks. She gathered the stick, the rocks, the berries, and the logs. Obviously, she couldn't keep those things in her room so she gave them to Linda who would keep the items and Linda would be the one taking some wool and leather from old man jimmy gosh dang Diggy di farm.

This is the end of chapter 1. I promise that chapter 2 will be out on December 12 - 16 2022

Peace :D

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