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Fires Of Wrath

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Will the Goddess of Creation find her way back to her beloved soulmate before the hands of Deceit destroy what is left of her humanity and severs the celestial ties binding her to its fate? Or will the Universe shatter with a love so strong, the Gods themselves dare not hinder its course across millenia? Discover a love that spans throughout all eternity and a betrayal that rocks the foundations of trust so forcefully, it uncovers the bitter monster of hate lurking beneath.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue: The Goddess Of Light



In the beginning...

At the dawn of Creation, at the very pinnacle of existence, when nothing but blackness filled an empty void, it has been said that a spark flickered to life within the depths of our Universe. An explosion of matter that poured forth from the Cosmos and fabricated the very reality we now, so ignorantly, dwell within. And from this intricate design, the Mother of Light emerged in all of her radiant and ethereal glory, encompassing everything in her undying love and protection. She was known as Tiamat, the primordial goddess of the salty sea and the epitome of the unpredictability of Creation.

It has also been said that her endless love extended to Apsu, a mighty Titan, who was the embodiment of the sweet freshwater of Earth. As her consort and lover, his clean and pure rivers encircled the world and melded with her salty seas, complimenting and completing each other perfectly in their mighty and unyielding chaos.

And from their fiery devotion, three sons were delivered upon this land. Three powerful and competent Gods, who were the very personification of the elements they represented and were entrusted to preserve.

Anu, God of the Sky, was the youngest and the most reserved of the deities. And like the endless blue that stretches across the heavens as a shield protecting us from the dark, he was a safe haven of reliability, a neutral entity that remained unswayed from his sense of justice. And just as the atmosphere cast the azure tones of tranquility across the abundant lands below, Anu was a calming and comforting presence to the people who worshiped him. A far cry from the characteristics of his older brother, Enlil.

As God of the Air, Enlil was the living illustration of the inconstant and unsteady qualities of the element he safeguarded. With a volatile temperament and propensity for jealousy, he was arrogant, self-serving and unstable. And with his flighty and selfish ways, he was prone to fits of rage that most often ended with destruction.

Enlil's disastrous habits were tempered only by the eldest of the Brothers, the clever and resourceful ruler of the waters, Enki. Also known respectfully as Ea, he was considered the Protector of Humankind and was often the only Being standing between his middle brother's impassioned tirades and the innocent creatures of the Earth. Not only the God of Wisdom and Healing, Enki was, undoubtedly, a master sorcerer who's conjuring skills were not only immeasurable but also unmatchable.

And so, these five Gods were the first to exist within our world, the first to love, the first to create, the first to protect, and the first to destroy. For the boundless adoration that Tiamat held for her lover, her children and her people would ultimately be used as the jagged weapon that pierced her sensitive heart and cut the most painful of wounds. A betrayal so strong, it would twist the fragile bonds of existence and morph her eternal devotion into an ugly and bitter monster of loathing. As only the strongest of affections can carve holes great enough to accommodate our deepest sorrows. And carve them they did.

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