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All Because of a Wish

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Hi, I am 12, almost 13. I have a little sister named Ella, oh, forgot to say who I was. I am Kate. I have been like this for 1 year, almost 2. I have an over-protective mom and a dad that tries to get way too involved in my life.

Fantasy / Adventure
Amaya Muhammad
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Telling you everything

1. Hi, I am 12, almost 13. I have a little sister named Ella, oh, forgot to say who I was. I am Kate. I have been like this for 1 year, almost 2. I have an over-protective mom and a dad that tries to get way too involved in my life.

2. So, yeah, this power can be trouble and fun. I will tell you how it started, just, I don’t know, read. I was 7, two months away from being 8. I was about to go into 3rd grade and I was having a pretty good life. I wandered off into the woods mostly because I was bored. It was night, silent, and peaceful. I liked it.

3. I wandered farther and farther. I stopped at something that seemed covered, like anyone would. I uncovered it. I bet you can guess what it was, a wishing well. I made a wish, a pretty long wish. I wished to be able to turn into anything, even if it didn’t exist, by thinking of it and then saying the name three times, and when I was that random creature, there would be a clone of me, so my family wouldn’t worry, and to be able to choose where I want to be born and how I want to be born.

4. I was only 8, well I guess 7, but I basically wished to do anything because I should've been able to turn into something that could build a house or poop money, but sadly I only get natural abilities. My parents don’t know about this. My sister was 3 when this happened. She is now 6. She found out when I was going through a Faze, uh, you’ll find out what that means later. She tried telling my parents but they believe me more than her, because I'm older. My wish didn’t start happening until I was 11. By that time, I had almost completely forgotten about my wish.

5. The first time I remembered my wish was when I was in bed. I had a dream where I was being born as a wolf on a cloud. Then, as the wolf, I grew into a full grown wolf. I returned to land, and as I was running I saw the wishing well and got a flash back of when I made a wish. I didn’t think anything of it when I woke up.

6. The second time, I was with my best friend, Olivia. We were in science, which is my least favorite class. I wanted an excuse to leave, so like any reasonable person, I asked to go to the bathroom. He had an attitude about it, but he let me go. When I was washing my hand I noticed a stuffed cat someone had left on the sink, and that’s when it happened. I turned into a newborn lion. I had no idea where I was. I was just hoping I was still in the bathroom. I transformed right back. I was so confused, I almost screamed. My mouth was dropped, but I heard other people coming in, so I tried to act normal as I walked out. I didn’t tell anyone. I had to figure it out myself first.

7. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it was all in my imagination. I mean, I was really stressed with all my assignments, but that leads us to the third time my wish struck back. I saw the clone I wished for to keep my parents from getting worried. I felt like I was going to faint. I was about to run up to her/the clone, but then she disappeared. After everything that happened, I had to look up what was going on.

8. I found a lot of websites, but they all were just stories and they weren’t matching what was happening to me. I was scared, terrified! I wasn’t sure if it was real or if I was imagining things. I just had to figure out what was going on. After a while I didn’t have any surprises with the wish, but I thought about it so much. I thought it was over. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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