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Mallory, The revenge huntress

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( 18 + Abuse, explicit sex scenes, several mates/partners, violence and gore, bdsm, revers harem ++ ) Mallory meet her mate and finally her life become the fairytale she never dared to dream of. But everything changes. Betrayal, torture and death. She is given a second chance. Will she spend it revenging her old, or accept that life still can offer her good things? Why can't she feel the mate bond as one claim to be her mate? several partners, revenge, personal growth, torture, detailed s*x scenes and foul language. this Is not a romantic story with shimmering lights and warm blankets. Killed by her mate, she dies a horrible, slow and painful death. Her body and mind are broken, and death is welcomed as the darkness finally engulfs her. But the goddess has other plans for her, and she gets a second chance at life. She swears never to love again, and as broken as she still is, she spends her as a hired assassin for the paranormal council. She remembers everything; she will never be the same. Mallory finds life alone is best, but faith has other plans. Love is not part of her vocabulary anymore; here, too, faith has other plans.

Fantasy / Romance
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My Fairy tale

Never had I even dared to dream of a life like this.

I started as the ugly and chubby little duckling with parents that never were around. They were warriors for the pack, one of the best in their field, which meant they traveled a lot. It was never like I lacked anything special, but I never had anything special, either.

My mother and father didn’t want kids, but they had me and did the best they could for a while. When I got older, they meant that I could manage myself. The disappointment on their faces when they realized I didn’t want to fight as they did and didn’t do well in combat training was heartbreaking. I knew very well I would never be able to follow in their footsteps, but the truth was I never wanted to.

Either way, it didn’t make it hurt any less. They never tried to hide their disappointment and mentioned as often as possible that I wouldn’t be so fat if I trained like them. I liked the training, not combat and fighting. I enjoyed running and swimming, but that didn’t count. That would not kill anyone.

So, in other words, as I grew older, I didn’t mind that I came home from school to an empty house—less judgment and guilt.

I needed that peace and quiet after a long day at school. You see, to be a werewolf and chubby was taboo. It seemed like every single one of them was built like models and Greek goddesses.

So, needless to say, I was picked on. I was never severely bullied, but just about enough for me never to fit in. I never had a close friend. I was never invited to join after school. I was an ugly, fat outsider that even disappointed my own parents. Always left outside, always laughed at.

After a while, even the Luna forgot to invite me to the essential or grand pack events. The first time I asked about it, she was all so apologetic—kind of.

“Ooh! I’m so sorry, Mallory. Did I forget you? Did you know the couple? Well, maybe? No? well, I guess missing one mating ceremony is not that bad now, is it?”

I started hearing more often at schools about pack gatherings, celebrations, and grand dinners for essential guests. I was never there. I was not welcome.

Then the summer when I turned 15 arrived, and apparently, I was what they called a late bloomer. When school started up again, everyone looked at me. I grew tall and slim, and my boobs suddenly decided to show up for the party. My acne cleared, and I discovered mascara. All this changed me from an ugly duckling to the girl all boys drooled at, and girls now wanted to be my friend! I relished in the attention; I was in heaven!

How naive I was.

I also met Clark, he wooed me off my feet, and I fell hard. My first and only crush. My first and only love. We were ‘The couple’ in school now. Popular, good-looking, and with bright futures. We were invited to all the parties, all events—everything worth mentioning, and we were there. He treated me well, showered compliments, and spoiled me like a princess. He even accepted and understood that I wanted to wait with s*x. I loved everything about this man. I lived in the perfect fairytale for three years, and I was so afraid the day I turned 18.

What if I found my destined mate now? What if it’s not him? The thought of him finding or mating with someone else made me sick and heartbroken. I didn’t have to worry for long. It was like the moon Goddess blessed me herself. Clark was my destined mate, my fated partner for life. I was marked and mated with our pack’s Beta son and the love of my life, Clark.

I was so naive.

For years, our love bloomed, I lived happily, and I had the life I always wanted. Living in our own little house right by the packhouse, I was a stay-at-home wife and mate. I helped the Luna and Beta’s mate out with whatever they needed. I volunteered at the children’s hospital and at the orphan house. For once, I felt needed, loved, and accepted, and I felt like I belonged. We also started talking about having our own family, something I wanted with all my heart, and having what I never really had. To show how an innocent baby and child are supposed to be loved and cared for. The thought and dream of a child that would be my own and Clark´s made my heart flutter. It became my obsession, goal, and everything I had prepared for.

Even if this was all I wanted, and there was no lack of trying, it didn’t happen as quickly as I thought it would, and after about six months, I started having some terrible pain in my lower abdomen but still no pregnancy.

I went to the pack doctor several times. He said nothing was wrong with me. That didn’t change anything; the pain was often worse when Clark was away. This started to make me a bit clingier than I used to. I didn’t want him to go in fear of the pain. I was screaming in bed alone at night or fainting somewhere. It started to scare me. What if something was terribly wrong with me? What if I couldn’t bear children? Could I never have the family I longed for? What would Clark think if we didn’t have an heir? Clark was not the one to take over the Beta position, his older brother was, so maybe an heir was not that important.

I was fooled.

Then one day, he just came home, of course, right after the worst pain in my life, so I was fresh out of bed. Puffy red eyes and messy hair, and I felt terrible to begin with. First, I was overjoyed and relieved that he came home early; I needed him beside me. I was feeling so weak, scared, and terrible. All I wanted was to throw myself into his warm and safe embrace, for him to tell me everything would be okay!

My smile dropped, and my heart froze when I saw them. Clark, my destined mate, my one true love, was standing in the living room with his hand around a girl’s waist. To make it even worse, she was drop-dead gorgeous, and I sensed she was a higher rank than the both of us.

“Clark? Honey, what is the meaning of this?”

“Mallory, good you’re home! Please sit down; we need to talk!”

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