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My Cat Is My Lover?

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Can you imagine your boring and single life without a lover? Then, if ever you're going to have a lover, will you choose a cat? Can you imagine a cat to be your lover?

Fantasy / Romance
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Normal Day

Hi I am Aoi and as of today as always a boring and sh*tty day, all the people around is with their lovers.

Well, me? nope I don't need it, what I need is a good grade for me to have a lot of money and date a pretty nice girl, Meh just kidding I wanted to have a well and good life, just like my parents who abandoned me for a wise fine heir of their company.

They completely forget about me like I wasn't even born, they change my name and never ever let me go to orphanage for me to find a new parents, now I have nothing but a millions of money enough for me to live with a nice life.
I have a name but I don't have a last name, what a shtty normal day

It's Friday and of course I am at my school, ow yeah I am a senior high school and I am 17 years old, My favorite day is Friday and my favorite food is salad, I don't want responsibilities and I don't want to take care of a girlfriend also I don't like pets, well I am not saying I hate them, but as I said I don't like responsibilities.

I have friends and all of us is single, ow well of course our first lady Gwen Zendaya, Our queen and our cutie leader, she is the one who want us to cut class and etc.

Can you imagine? a beautiful and fine lady want to do all that stuff, she looks innocent and all but she was the one who was willing to do those things, well I don't really want to do those things coz I want to have a good grade and become more wealthy than my trash family, well not a real trash but yeah they are, my little brother is innocent, it's just that he is really good at everything, I hope he's doing fine there.

Well he doesn't even know that I exist so I don't really know if we will become really close in the future, but I hope we will.
I hope he will not be like my father, arrogant, selfish, and most of all stupid sh*t, my mother is..
I mean his mother is good, lovely and sweet so its fine if he will be like her.

I wish to really see him in the future and talk about things that he wanted to share with me.

12:00 PM in Stuyvesant High School

I was about to go for launch then a cat suddenly clings to me and asks for food, i sit on the floor and said
"I don't have food right now, but if you will wait I will buy food for you, okay?"
I asked the cat but it just turned its head and just agreed to what I said.
Am I crazy? talking to a cat? meh I think I am just hungry just like this cat, I laugh and walk away.
While I'm walking I notice the students are looking at me, HAHAHAH am I that handsome? I laugh as I walk to our canteen for me to buy a food for me and for that cat.
Someone tap my shoulder and it was Zendaya, Gwen pointed below me and to my surprise it was the cat whos with me all this time, ohhhh that's why the student is looking at me.
I thought they are looking at me coz' I'm handsome but I'm afraid not.
Gwen pick up the cat and look at it in the eyes, she told me it has a beautiful eyes, I don't care much about it because I don't really care I am hungry and that is what I care right now.
I ordered and walk to the door, the cat followed me so I stopped.

"Hey cat" I pointed

"I don't like responsibilities and I am really hungry so I won't share any for you, go and ask another person"

It doesn't listen so I just give a little peace of my bread and walk away, I stand up and walk away, but again, the people is looking at me again I look behind me and there is no cat, mmm so I guess they are looking at me for real right now, HHAHAHAHAHAHA I REALLY AM HANDSOME!!, I laugh and laugh until I reach our room, I sat down and my classmates are looking at me while whispering something, well I don't care.

I am on my phone all that time so I didn't feel the cat is on my desk, my teacher throw me a chalk and told me to put my cat away?. That is when I notice that the cat is on my desk.

I just followed my teacher's order and took the cat out of our classroom.

'You sure didn't eat anything today huh?"
the cat looked at me and do nothing

"Well I guess I need to feed you now huh?, Since you are always following me I will take care of you But I will only give you money nothing more, got it?"

The cat still looking at me like he or she understand me, I signed wait and that cat really sit still and didn't follow me, I go back to our room and waited to go home.

And finally times up for the boring teacher!! I stretched my hand while walking outside, Gwen stop me from walking and when I looked down I saw the cat that I had promised to take care of and feed him or she what ever that cat gender is.

I picked it up and it was so light, like it doesn't eat a week already.
"Thanks for stopping me Gwen"

"Yeah I just stop you for the cat, not even concern with you tho"

"Ouch, should I cry?"

I asked sarcastically, she laugh and wave goodbye.

"Oh yeah? you better be crying coz you are still single" she laugh at me while walking away from me

"Like you have a boyfriend!" I shouted and to my surprise she said "of course I have dumb ass"
Oh well I think I am the inly person in this world who doesn't want a Girlfriend, I walked home to rest and feed and bathe this very dirty cat, I bet the color of this cat is Brown because it's color black right now, it will even leave a dirt in your hands and that go to my white T-Shirt, what a messy little thing I have right now.

4:30 PM an finally home, I immediately remove my shirt and put it in the washing machine for it to be cleaned, I change clothes and prepared my food, I arrange my bag and eat then I ready the cats bed.

I bathed the cat first before I fed it, while I was bathing the cat because it was so dirty, I had to use a lot of water to rinse it and I didn't get any soap worked on it.

When I finished bathing it, it turned out to be white and not black or brown, and when I fed the cat you'd think it didn't eat for a month because of how fast it ate.

And when that cat finished it asked for more and more so I gave it more food, before I sleep I decided to gave it a name but the fact that I don't know the gender of this cat I just look at his/her look, it have a shiny hair and beautiful eyes it's like a princess so I named it Princess now decided!! time to sleep!!!

The cat just stares at me as always and went to the window and stare at the starts, oh well I think Princess like starts since her eye color is rainbow I think its connected in some ways.

I just leave her there staring at the window and go to my own room, I took my cellphone and see the date right now and it was December 5 tomorrow will be my birthday, but so what? who cares? its not like Gwen will remember.
Gwen and I met since last year but she didn't congrats me nor surprise me, well the word surprise is not that likable I hate it.
It's not like me foster family will remember since they already have a son and a perfect heir for their big company.
And celebrating birthdays is not my thing, I like being alone with my phone and playing games all day and doing grown up stuff, since I don't have girlfriend and I don't like girlfriends, if I may I would like to be with Gwen but she doesn't like me, she sees me as her minions, and the fact that she have a boyfriend, I think its for her Christmas eve, she is not a fun of LOVE anyway.

"UGHHH LET ME SLEEP SH*TTY HEAD!!" then I start to close my eyes and sleep.
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