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Love Or Lust?

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Book Title Love or Lust? Aphrodite Author Patricia Rosemary Reavey Genre Erotic Short Story based on Mythology Overview Love or Lust? focuses on the story of Aphrodite in a whole new way. Written in the first person point of view, it begins with Aphrodite explaining that she is the daughter of Adam and Lucifer’s wife, Lillth. But God took her to Heaven to raise her as an angel, though she hasn’t quite turned out to be the angel that He had hoped. Aphrodite is caught in a love triangle between Elijah and Aires, so she goes down to Hell to get help from her brother, Locan. It might just take divine intervention to help Aphrodite be with the one she loves. With a contemporary vernacular and feisty exchanges, Love or Lust? is a unique take on the story of this Greek goddess. Strong language and explicit sexual scenes make this a story for mature audiences. Will Aphrodite chose love or lust?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 The Beginning

Where to begin? I support at the beginning. Well God got bored with heaven and start on making the world you know. But he only put a man on it called Adam before Eve Adam had sex with Lillth. Yes, Lucifer’s Lillth well God was pissed to say the least. But he didn’t kill Lillth straight away not until the baby was born the first of her kind. Then God made Eve, but he made her in Lillth’s imaged. Which pissed Lucifer off. So, what does Lucifer do he fucks Eve and Eve fucks Adam the same day that right Kane is Lucifer son and Abel is Adam’s son that’s why God didn’t like Kane.

I know what you’re thinking what happened to Lillth’s baby? She had a girl before she was killed, she named her Aphrodite. Yeah, the Goddess of Love is a demon born. God tuck her to heaven to bring her up as one of his angels. At least he thought at the time it would be a good idea. Well, it wasn’t how do I know? I’m Aphrodite and I send shock wave through heaven and hell half breed. But it isn’t all bad I started playing around up here but I started get bored and I noticed that there was a place on earth that God wasn’t using so I decide I will take it for myself.

I started making werewolves, shadow wolves, were cats (lion, tiger, and leopards) and were bears and vampires. I was happy for a bit but then I decide to make a diffident sort of a vampire these were like lizards and they tongues are like snakes when their feed a snake literally comes out their mouths. I also didn’t give them any sex organs no penis. As I want to see if you had no dick could you still get sexually frustrated. The first 6 I didn’t name them but my 7th one I named Nemesis. The only reason I named him was I knew one day I would have to kill him.

So, as you may have guessed I tuck the Triangle. Yeah, I thought it would be safe. Until humans started making boats and aeroplanes they got stuck in the Triangle and they were killed or changed. Then my supernatural creatures started coming into the world that the humans lived. God was and is still pissed at me. So, I been put with archangel Elijah the Massager angel.

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