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Shadow Of The Pasted Part Two

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Book Title Shadows Of The Pasted Aphrodite Author Patricia Rosemary Reavey Genre Erotic Short Story based on Mythology Overview Shadows Of The Pasted focuses on the story of Aphrodite is back. Written in the first-person point of view, it begins with Aphrodite explaining that it has been week since Nemesis death and how her and Aries are fine but now Aphrodite has to face her pasted in order to move forward. Aphrodite and Elijah get close again putting the love triangle, but it doesn’t stay that where for long as Venus make this triangle into a square well all of this is going on Locan finds love but as our team grows bigger there still a world that need Aphrodite. With a contemporary vernacular and feisty exchanges, Shadows Of The Pasted the story of this Greek goddess back again for part two. Strong language and explicit sexual scenes make this a story for mature audiences.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 Time Is Quick

After weeks of being with Aries how times flies. The time spent with him has been long and it seem to be the best time I’ve ever had. We travel round looking for things to do as nemesis is died there hasn’t been a lot happening. How I miss the war of love and hate. The saying love will conquer all. Good will beat evil. My time spend with the humans I have realised that evil is everywhere and yet no body seem to see. It’s different here I miss looking through people’s biggest darkest sins. Yet God never prepared me for this.

“What is wrong my little goddess?”

“Nothing Aries”

“Apha something is bugging the fuck out of you”

“Just missing the fun of everything we did it’s all over now and I’m wondering what I’m going do next?”

“Well, I have a few ideas what we could do for fun”

“I bet you do”

“We never got the chance to do what you wanted to do a few weeks ago”

“You mean…”

“Yeah, on top of the bridge”

“You really want to”

“Yeah, we could go now, or better yet we could play a game”

“What game do you want to play?”

“A game of chase just like when we first met”

“You going to give me a head start”

“I’m a gentleman of course I will give you a head start” He looks at me a smile “5 minutes ready go” So I jump out the window and spend my black wings and smile. He shakes his head “You do know that is cheating” I smile and nod my head like a good girl but still we knew I would cheat to get what I want and if I want to win a game I’ll cheat.

So off I go flying around I look behind me I can’t see Aries so I know I must be winning. I fly high and I see the bridge I could just land there but knowing him he’s going to know I will be here. Do I chance it or not? I know I’m probably going to regret this, but I chance it and land right on top of the Tyne bridge. As I land, I look out at the river and see that it looks calm, but look can be deserving. As I take a deep breath, I feel a hand on my shoulder I turn, and Aries is there. I bite my lip he grabs me and kisses me. The passion within this kiss makes me want him more.

“Now my little goddess, you have nowhere to go”

“Just kiss me” He kisses me as I move away from him, I turn and look at him “My king do you not want your prize” No soon I say it he grabs me and picks me up I wrap my legs around him.

“Do you trust me?” he asks as he starts kissing my neck “You make this game too easy; you wanted me to catch you”

“Aries” I say “Please take me now”

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