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Heresy and Greed

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Román Roldán has a problem. Thirteen years ago, the religious faction known as The Children of the White Wolf took over the floating nation of the Skyelandes. They wanted to convert the inhabitants to their religion. Their ideals and rules were strict, and many people were prosecuted for not following them. This included the followers of the Elven gods; anyone found with Relics or other symbols of those gods were publicly executed. Nowadays he lives like he's on the run. He leads the rebellion so, naturally, he has a hefty bounty on his head. Soon, his life will forever be altered, and he may not be able to recover. Bitor Martel can't decide if he loves or hates the boy, now young man, that he grew up with. The man will not take care of himself and only focuses on his band of rebels. For reasons he can't explain, Bitor tries everything to get Román's attention. His friend and employee tells him that it's okay that he's in love, but Bitor isn't exactly sure if that's true. But soon he'll be forced into a type of leadership he's never experienced before.

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The Before

The winter set on fast in the Skyelandes. In the capital, Aurora Enclave, a young child was chased through the streets. Calls of “heretic” followed them as they dodged guards. As the child ran around a corner, they slipped on ice and fell face-first onto the cobblestone streets. The mob of guards caught up to the child and circled them.

The leader of the guards, Matteo De Amicis, walked into the center of the circle. He grabbed the child’s arm and hauled them up. When the child was standing, De Amicis let go of their arm.

“Okay, child, hand over the Bracelet. You and I both know how much trouble you’re in. just hand it over and no one gets worse.”

The child looked up at De Amicis and spat at his face.

“You miserable wretch,” De Amicis raised his fist back and punched the child. The force knocked them back to the ground. The child started muttering a prayer, holding the Bracelet in front of them. The guard’s leader smirked at them, “Yes child, say your little prayers, I’m sure your little gods will save you now.”

The child grinned, and blood ran from their nose, “At least I have true faith.”

“And where has that faith brought you?”

The child had no answer to this, so De Amicis grinned and motioned for two guards to grab the child’s arms. The child didn’t try to fight, even when they were taken to the White Wolf School of Priests.

There, the child read The Book of Daemis, learned prayers for the different meals, and how corrupted the worship of the gods was. Though they tried, the professors could not completely brainwash the child.

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