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Claret, Amelia and Crow shit - By Siona and Shreyas

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A crow. Fux with us. Shit happens.

Fantasy / Adventure
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What da crow doin? (Shre)

The darkness doesn't scare me. Actually, it does...I’m a pussy that way but not as much as a giant crow with blood-red eyes. The crow was the size of an elephant with razor-sharp claws. And its eyes, “holy....” the sound escaped my mouth. They were something I couldn't have imagined of. A red-coloured iris surrounded by a deeper red colour. It scared the shit out of me. By now you’d be thinking that I’m some kind of hero or half-blood or something. No. You’ve been ingesting too much of Percy Jackson. I was just me with nothing in hand but a tiny stone. So I did the most natural thing anyone would have done. I ran. The logical thing to do would also be to run. The only thing i got wrong was my directions. I ran straight towards the crow like an idiot hoping i could pass through the gap between its legs. The crow snapped its beak at my head but I managed to avoid it. Just when i thought i could actually succeed, the crow raised one of its legs. The tips of its claws were directly facing me and I would have become a statue of Jesus Christ with the violent impaling and stuff if I hadn't jumped at the right time. I stepped onto its leg and hopped on its body. The crow screamed with agony. I guess that was because I accidentally put my hand in its eye which was not pleasant. I jumped off and ran in another direction.

The crow was busy scratching its eye which was bleeding though I couldn't tell with it being red and all. I was running through a dark open grass field. There were roads surrounding the field. I had no idea where I was or how I got here. I also didn't know where she was. Her..... I was worried whether she’d be okay. I searched for her but couldn't find her. Also, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Claret Grace and I’m a regular 16-year-old kid. I’ve been in a weird place for the last 2 hours and just a minute ago I escaped with my life from a giant bloodthirsty crow.

It was a regular Monday morning in school. While the maths lecture was going on, something on the window sill outside my class happened to catch my attention. It was a crow with red eyes. I stealthily slipped out of class approaching the crow. It seemed to be calling out to me. When I got there I realised that my friend Amelia had also noticed the crow. We both went towards it silently, without a single word. I have no idea why but i felt like touching it. Amelia might have felt the same thing cause we both touched the crow at the same time. I expected something like a ‘caw caw’ from the crow and then it would fly away leaving us in confusion. Nothing like that happened. As soon as we touched it, the world began spiralling around us. I couldnt move, like my legs had been superglued to the ground. Slowly everything started dissolving and we were sucked into its eyes. Ew, right? Next thing we were in complete darkness. I could hear Amelia’s voice beside me. “Are you there, Claret?” “Right here. Alive and kickin”. I knew Amelia pretty well, we’ve been friends since childhood. I was glad she was there with me or else i would have freaked out. I knew she wasnt scared of the dark and i was. Naturally, i hid behind her. I couldnt see a thing. Neither could she. We walked for a long way while talking our heads out. Tons of questions flooded our minds. I happened to have a sandwich in my hand. I have a habit of eating in class. We shared it and moved on. It was all okay(bad but ok) until she faded. I mean literally faded. Amelia was with me, all this time but suddenly she just dissolved and disappeared into air like a hologram. I freaked out. I called out to her a lot of times but couldnt get an answer. I knew she wasnt around, i felt her fading. I saw a dim light ahead and walked towards it. Thats when i realised that i was in a dark cave. I was standing on an open field as i described earlier. No sign of Amelia. ‘Boom...’ i turned to my left to see the same crow just magnified to an elephant’s size. I wondered whether Amelia was seeing the same things wherever she was. And thats exactly how i got here. To the big crow and stuff. Now you know. All i had to do now was find my was out of here.

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