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Claret, Amelia and Crow shit - By Siona and Shreyas

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Enter: cool guy Calvin (Sio)

So I decided to take charge of my own messy self and looked around I was still in the grassland , Darkness all around me I hope it was Dawn soon , cause this darkness was creeping me out. When I walked on like forever the grassfield ended and green screen began, I mean literally the view was such that it could only be animated trust me I know. There was a forest a forest with tress taller than burjh Khalifa maybe (That’s the tallest building in the world, Amelia told me my gk is bad) And there were waterfall like brooklets flowing from the bark of the trees which reminded me that I was thirsty... I went to take a sip of water when the crow was right above me again! Terrified it would spot me i ran and a hand came out of nowhere and pulled to safety in a cave.

And the hand that pulled me was of really wierd looking guy, he was short 5"4 Maybe and had dark skin black hair and pitch black eyes . He looked like so kindda rock if you ask me.

He observed me and said Calvin. I guessed that was his name cool name I said and he smiled . He then asked mine and I said Claret, Claret Grace. And the reaction he had to offer I hadn’t imagined in my widest dreams, It was horror mixed with fear mixed with excitement and anticipation . He just looked at me and then said I must take you there then he stopped thought for a while and then asked if I came here with a girl and then it struck me. My sister she was alone I had no idea where she was or how she had survived, I thought how Calvin knew that I came here with a girl. I told him that yes but she was separated from me and I had to search for her, he told me to describe her to him. Amelia was short she was around 5′3 her brown hair went a little below her shoulder and her eyes the same colour of her hair. He went and got a book , an ancient looking book with paper coming out of it looked like my textbooks, he pulled out a paper a very old yellow parchment and there she was Amelia smiling back at me, a sketch on centuries old paper and my heart skipped a beat. Where was I!?

You all would be wondering why I am calling her my sister well she is , she is not my real sister but still my sister she is my best friend too and if I came here with her I had to go back with her she brave and kind of a daredevil that way and I am pretty sure she survived too if I did there is no doubt she can. Just where was she, where was I? What was this ? and it started with a crow I mean really? It should have been something cooler.

I nodded at the sketch really worried now I had to find her I had to find a way out of all this for us. Calvin told me to follow him so I did he led deeper in the cave which turned out to be a huge underground network sort of a thing we kept walking till I spotted other people and animals small in size though and then we walked into what felt like a throne room but I don’t think it was on the high chair sat a guy so old that he shouldn’t have been alive but he looked at me and I think I gave him a heart attack , Clearly I was the one that was not supposed to be alive people in room began whispering so loudly that I could hear it. The old dude got up and so did everyone in the room and walked towards me with the help of a stick like Oogway he too observed me like an artifact and said these very words, ” it’s happening ” I was really confused now hoping I would wake up from this dream. Claret, he said you’re a..





Whatever was in Narnia? I thought but he said you’re a brave guy which was both false and anticlimactic. Very brave he continued that you came back that you survived for so many years in that world . I had legitimate never came to this place before I swear to god what this guy was talking I had no idea all I cared about was my sister I wanted her back and I wanted her back immediately.

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