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Lore Of Grisha

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Learn about Grisha. From the Vampire Kingdoms to Morcarian Territories. From Gods to Druids. From the top of the Blue Mountains to the ruins of Vidavellir. Vampires, Shades and Morcarians. Prophecy, Myths and Legends. The History of Grisha awaits.

Fantasy / Other
Echo Black
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Dear Readers

Dear Lords and Ladies

I hope this finds you well. I took the liberty of translating and compiling as much of Grishan History as possible. With the hopes it would one day, help you to understand the world of Shadow and Fire. There is much to learn about our world. I apologize if my spelling is off, the old text are difficult to translate.

In this addition of Grishan History, there will be information about all four species of Grisha (although I admit, there is little about Mundanes). the mysterious Shadow Creature, Prophecies, Historical Figures, All three wars, Gods of Grisha, Artifact and Jewels, Blood Contracts, Vampire-Human Bonding, and maybe a very detailed timeline of Grishan History (again I admit, there isn’t much history regarding the first age).

Remember, Grisha always looks forward to its next great hero and adventures. All you have to do is find the golden decorative floor mirror hiding the portal to a whole new world.

Kind Regards

Wyatt (Council Member)

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